Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kira May: Vocal Looper and "Choir of One"

Kira May | Photo Credit: Jason Cee
My friend Kira May is an experimental pop artist.

She uses her voice and breath as her own choir and band, performing most parts of her songs live at her shows.

Kira accomplishes this complex task by recording and looping the many layers of her songs one by one, playing and stopping many of them independently throughout her songs to create the structural changes of music.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Letter Writing Campaigns Work

I am thrilled to announce that Jabeur Mejri, the man I wrote about last year who was imprisoned in Tunisia for criticizing Islam on Facebook, has been released!

Thousands of Amnesty International members (including me) wrote to the Tunisian government demanding his release as part of the 2013 Write for Rights, Amnesty's huge international human rights letter writing campaign.

You can read more about Jabeur's story and release on Amnesty International's website.

Here is my post about Write for Rights, in which I shared the letter I wrote on Jabeur's behalf for the campaign.

If you know something is wrong, stand up. We can make a difference, especially when we stand together.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Toxin Toxout Review

I used to use chemical bathroom cleaner that flared my asthma. There was even a warning on the can that it wasn't suitable for people with respiratory conditions, but I kept using it, choosing to medicalize the situation instead of seeking a healthy alternative: it's not the cleaner's fault that I have asthma; I can tolerate a bit of breathing discomfort for the sake of cleanliness.

Later, I read Toxin Toxout, a great book about what toxins do to our bodies and how we can avoid them and I had a paradigmatic epiphany: the chemical product wasn't bad for me because I had asthma; it's bad for all of us because it includes toxic chemicals. I just feel the effects immediately and the implications on my health are very obvious.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Remember: You're a Human

I wrote a guest post for Bad Rhino a Human's Guide to Social Media! You know, just in case you were acting like a lion or rat. Wait, those animals don't spam or gloat about themselves. Or do they?!

Monday, January 20, 2014

TVO Mysteries of the Mind Week

Did you know that your brain is "plastic," and therefore we can alter, to a degree, how it works?
Would you like to learn about how brain surgeons deal with the complexities of the brain?
Do you know how each of part of the brain functions?

TVO's Mysteries of the Mind Week starts today and it will feature answers to these questions and many more.