Monday, December 21, 2009

That's a Wrap!

Tonight I wrapped all of my Christmas presents! I laughed and smiled the whole time because I managed to underestimate the necessary space of giftwrap for every gift -- after I finished cutting it! I put each parcel in the center of the spread-out paper, then unrolled the paper until I could pull the end side of the paper onto half of the gift. Then I put the paper back on the floor, looked at how much paper was on that side beside the present then estimated that length on the opposite side. Then I cut vertically, making sure there was enough paper to fold the sides of the present to the top.

After I finished cutting the paper, I pulled each side of it over the gift and realized the sides wouldn't reach each other. How does this happen? It's not like I just randomly guessed how much paper I would need. I turned down the Christmas music and took my candy cane out of my mouth so I could concentrate better. I really should learn to just measure the paper and then equal the measurements on the other side, but every year I just assume I will be better at wrapping this time. Why? How? It's not like I acquired a whole year's worth of gift wrapping experience. Christmas is the only time I wrap presents. So I can't be better at it then I was last year, unless improved gift wrapping skills come with age.

Nah. Only experience will help. And a ruler. I'm far too stubborn, though. I want to do it without any help!


  1. hahaha... I've never had that problem! I'm an excellent gift-wrapper and have been wrapping loads of presents since I was a kid. I used to wrap my brother's for him, and most of my mom's presents (aside from what was for me). Plus my own.

    But how you manage to get the size wrong is beyond me Ashley!

  2. Independent from an early age! Next year I'll send my presents to you to wrap.