Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why are you crying, Puppy?

Puppy is so adorable! He's resting in the window seat in Mom's bedroom. For an hour before that he was sitting on one of the boxes in the window, observing the activity outside. At first I didn't understand why he was so interested, but then I looked out:
there was a black squirrel running on the power line in front of the window, his tail floating above him; about five sparrows were chatting inside the hedge; a person walked by.

I have to sit here until he -- oh, he just woke up! I look up every now and then when his ID tags jingle to make sure that he isn't trying to climb over the gate that's barricading him in the window seat. Now he's scratching his cocked head with his left hind paw. Now he is lying down again and the jingling has stopped, so I can keep writing. I am so attentive. Oh, my mom has left the bedroom after her a nap and puppy is crying! It's the saddest sound in the world, even though he really has nothing to be sad about. Mom came back. Oh, good. No more crying. She's going to take him outside! She's baby talking the spoiled little brat and waving her fingers in front of him. He's on his back, pawing at her fingers (or hands?). Mom has partially blocked my view of Puppy.

Okay, they're cuddling out of his window seat now. I still don't feel well, so I think I'll go lie down in my bed. Mom might want to sleep in this spot.

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