Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ashley's Magic Hats

I wear many hats, literally and figuratively. Take these floppy ones I wear in the summer when I want to look beautiful and fashionable.

When I want people to know I'm a creative hermit, I wear this. I bought it in England during the summer after university. One of the first of many! It was a big deal to me since we hadn't been allowed to wear hats inside my high school.

I don't really wear this out. I just thought it would be funny to put it up here.I actually did wear this hat out.


  1. I love hats. The floppy ones look fantastic on you. I've been looking for one for myself to ward off the Australian sun but they're all too big for some reason & fall down over my face. I didn't think I had a particularly small head... who knew?!
    Lurve that last pic, very flattering :-D

  2. Thanks Terri! You can have hats fitted, you know. like the head part. And I'm sure if you took a hat to a milliner her could trim the brim for you. Or you could just get one custom made. A lot of well made hats come in different sizes too. I seem to have a big head. I don't really have your problem!