Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad, Bad Day

This is the worst day I've had in weeks. I am really wobbly, like a "drunken sailor." It started yesterday. I was at the store, seeking sponsorship for an event I will be holding for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, standing at the counter. Without even changing position, which normally has to happen before I lose my balance, I started tipping over in slow motion, then I quickly grabbed the counter for support and stood upright again. An elderly lady using a walker was also at the counter. She asked me if I was okay.

"I'm fine thanks," I said. "I just don't have the greatest balance."

After that I did a lot of walking to other businesses to seek sponsorship on my way home. I tipped over a couple of times again on uneven parts of the sidewalk. My legs became very sore and pretty fatigued too, but not to the point of shuffle walking. I could lift up my legs pretty easily. Today I'm shuffle walking.

I'm having a lot of other symptoms today, like I'm REALLY tired.. So tired I feel like I haven't slept in two days. I'm also constipated, a bit nauseous, my neck is really stiff and sore and my heart has been racing.

I didn't go to class today and I'm feeling really guilty about it. I've missed SO many classes, but I'm doing really well in all of my courses. This is a good thing, but still, whenever I contemplate staying home from school, I tell myself: Ashley, you're fine. Go to school. You're just imagining that it's bad. You probably just didn't sleep well. Then throughout my day of absence, I tell myself: You've been through worse. If you stayed home every time you felt sick, you wouldn't have a life. I also spend the day wondering if my family, classmates, instructors and friends think I'm faking it and slacking off.

I have a big assignment due tomorrow, but all I want to do is rest. It's okay. Tomorrow afternoon I will come home and rest through my long weekend. I may even enjoy it, if I feel a bit better. I must not get stressed about it, though. Ticker won't like it, plus stress will make me more wobbly and prevent me from sleeping and eating enough.

Anyway, I'm going to nap for at least a few hours before I get to work on my assignment. Feeling this way is so distracting, though. I don't imagine I will do too well on it.


  1. I hope you can rest and feel better this coming weekend!

  2. It’s funny – I thought I should rest rather than coming to the computer as I feel so tired. I wonder if the change of weather has something to do with it. I read that when the barometer changes it affects a lot of people. Today it is very warm, the warmest day so far – about 80 degrees (28 C ?) and it is so sudden. I understand that feeling – when you are really tired, you don’t want to do much. Rest and feel the strength coming back to your body.

  3. Thanks ladies. I think I was just due for a bad patch. All that standing and walking yesterday probably didn't help.