Monday, March 8, 2010

Someone Dissect My Subconscious

A few years ago, for my first assignment in my Literary Non-Fiction class, I wrote a description of a woman I saw at a bar -- or I might have made this image up. She was very tense. Her thighs appeared to be clenched together very tightly like she was trying to squeeze an imaginary lemon between them. My instructor wrote on the description that this image was a bit rude. I read it again and discovered the sexual connotation.

Some weeks ago I thought up a piece in my head about a musician working hard to blow into her trombone between half-closed lips while pumping the slide. She stops the music so she can open the spit valve. She enjoys seeing her saliva pool into the carpet knowing that it represents her hard work to create music. I didn't realize the phallic connotation until recently.

It seems I'm an ignorant virgin accidentally preparing for a career writing hardcore romance novels.


  1. You go girl; Mills & Boon ain't gonna know what's hit 'em ;-)
    It's funny, you remind me of myself in lots of ways - I always had quite an innocent mind myself and often said things that landed me with a red face afterwards. Still do, in fact. It's all part of our charm, dear :-)

  2. I think this is really funny.
    Wait a minute - I was going to place the word verification and do you know what it is" monstr....

  3. Thanks Vagabonde! No, I don't know what the word verification was.