Saturday, May 1, 2010


I'm trying to figure out how to describe the sound of waves. "Crashing" is cliche and not terribly evocative anyway. It sounds more like giant brooms on opposite sides sweeping water so aggressively that the waves pound into eachother. It looks like one wave rises from the water and jumps onto the water. It's foamy with fear and anger. The water moves forward to get away, but the force of that pounding wave forces the escapee water up into the air. A succession of terrified water rushing to the shore. The closer the water is to the shore, the slower it reacts to the wave before it. The foam dissipates when the water finally hits the shore. It pulls from the shore, seeming to sigh in relief with the threat of waves gone.

Bah! That's the best I can do. I'm no nature writer! Emily Carr and Annie Dillard could have described waves much better. They both loved solitude in nature without any material distraction.

I didn't bring any nature writing to read in Hawaii. Perhaps such literature would have inspired a better blog entry. I did bring my iPod, though, on which I have music that has transported me to Hawaii again and again since I was last there three years ago. Before the vacation, I bought several CDs to listen to while I was there. One of them was "You Forgot it in People" by Broken Social Scene, a band whose most recent album I had bought on a whim a year earlier and really liked. I can't really describe "You," but one particular song called "Pacific Theme" reminded me of palm trees swaying in time to the music on Waikiki beach after I listened to it again after the first day of that vacation. I adore music and this album. It quickly became one of my favourites ever. I highly recommend it!

I don't need any musical transportation, as I am sitting in the condo my family rented for 10 days. It's gorgeous. I don't really know how to describe it (frankly, I'm creatively worn out from trying to describe waves), but I think this is what I want my apartment to look out when I move out. It's beautifully decorated and furnished with hardwood dressers and tables, pseudo marble floors. Lamps with bases that look like varnished wood vases and big white shades. The couch and beds are plush and comfortable. Every room here is spacious. Huge windows on every floor, overlooking the crazy waves. We have a long lanai with a dining table fit for four that also faces the waves. It's amazing!

My sister, mom and dad have gone out to get groceries and probably sight see, so I'm here alone with no sound but the massive waves. I stayed home to have a nap because I'm really tired and I haven't been feeling well, but I'm so reflective that I had to share my happiness with you. I'm done school, so I have no guilt; I have no obligation to anyone but myself. This is where I will heal. Emotionally anyway. Physically, I will at least learn to feel good.

I've been short of breath off and on for about a week now because of asthma and allergies, losing my balance quite a bit too, feeling pretty fatigued most of the time. It was hard to keep up to my family at the airport. I need to sleep! I will post pictures soon. Thanks for reading! Your comments, on my blog and in personal and in-person messages mean so much to me.


  1. Ashley,
    Count your lucky stars! You are in the best place on Earth. I've been all around the world, there is no place better than Maui. Let yourself make the most of it.


  2. I love your description of the waves, jumping out of the water and back onto it. It's a very unique take :)
    I also admire people who are able to write beautiful descriptions. Mine always take ages to come together and afterwards they feel kind of lumpy, if you know what I mean.
    Glad you're healing, enjoy!!!

  3. Thanks Robin! It sure is beautiful here.

    Thanks for the compliment Terri! I tried to imagine what it would sound like to someone who had never seen waves, heard them or read about them. I like the way you describe things!!! But I do understand what it feels like to write something and then feel it's "lumpy." I can't tell you you shouldn't be self conscious when I am that way myself!