Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

The clock on the wall in every classroom in my elementary school signaled more than the countdown to recess, lunch or the end of the school day for me. It was often a countdown to Mommy Time.

I can still smell her lipstick and Tabu perfume. I can hear her high heels tapping quickly and progressively louder, her keys jingling. Then she would laugh or say "Hi!" to someone in the hallway. An official giveaway: it was Mommy time.

Then I would see her salt and pepper hair and raccoon eyes (Sorry Mom, but you still tend to wear too much mascara and eyeliner) through one of the windows at the top of the door. She would knock. Someone would open the door. I would grab my bag and go to the coat rack. We'd hug and then I'd put my coat on. Then we would go for one of my routine check-ups at Toronto's world-famous Hospital for Sick Children.

Starting when I was pretty young, after a CT scan, she'd always take me to the store and buy me a box of Smarties. Last fall after an emergency CT, sure enough then came the Smarties.

She has done many other things to cheer me up when I've been sick. When I was 12, my asthma got bad and I spent the night in observation at the hospital for oxygen treatments. The next day she took me home and then went out. She came home with McDonalds fries and a Mel C Barbie doll! Aw. When I was 16, I spent a day and night in the hospital for observation after getting sick with what appeared to be a shunt infection, but was soon cleared as probably just a nasty reaction to an acne pill. Anyway, I was lying in the bed resting when she brought me this adorable mini stuffed bear in a bug costume. It's on the computer table in my living room and it always makes me smile....

Again! After I got my wisdom teeth out last June, she brought me a bouquet featuring blue orchids -- my favourite flower! Shortly after the surgery, I got sick with what turned out to be a virus that caused a brief period of liver dysfunction -- probably a couple of weeks long -- and a bunch of symptoms, some neurological, that continue 11 months later. I was so weak some days it was a struggle just to wash my face, so she wiped it for me. She brought me a pail when I needed to vomit and then after, she emptied the contents. On my stronger days, she took me for short, slow walks. We linked arms walking and laughing about silly things. She's my best friend.

My mom works so hard to help me feel happy when I'm going through a hard time. She has helped me learn that I can be very happy when I'm sick, especially when the experience brings us even closer. This is just one of the reasons why I love my Mom. With her help, I feel like I can smile through anything.

Thank you, Mom. I know you will help make my time off from school more than bearable -- maybe even fun. We will bond! I love you.

P.S. I know you only mean well during times these when you ask me to take cough medicine and my puffers. I will try to be nicer, you old nag.


  1. You and your mom are very special!
    Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. This is a cute entry, but my oh my do you look like a little miss grumpypants in that photo! hahahaha.

  3. A wonderful tribute. It must have been very hard to have a sick little one.

  4. I loved this. My mom has been my saving grace throughvall of my illnesses, too. How lucky are we?

  5. Ashley, thank you so much for coming to my blog and adding yourself as a reader. This post was a wonderful tribute to your Mom and to the closeness you have with each other. I've read several other of your most recent posts - I'm guessing you don't want sympathy but you certainly have my respect for your attitude.

  6. Danine -- Thanks for saying you loved this! YES we are very lucky to have our moms.

    Hi Deborah, you're more than welcome! I love blogs... And I'm glad I have such a nice, honest person in my blog community. Yes, I would love your sympathy! It's pity I hate... So thanks very much for your sympathy and respect. I'm glad my blog engaged you... Isn't it amazing to know you are being read??! Like, knowing that people have actually read more than one of your entries? Thanks for sharing this joy with me.