Friday, May 7, 2010

Something in the Water

Today I lied in my Mom's bed and watched the palm trees. I noticed that every trunk of every tree is is permanently leaned toward the water, their leafy hands reaching to it. I don't blame the trees. This water fascinates me.

Water in general fascinates me. I swam laps in the pool again last night. It felt so good to be weightless in the water, the waves rocking me back and forth. No ground to feel disconnected from. It's therapy, that's what it is. I imagine treading water and kicking during laps is really good for my legs, so I've decided to swim every day this summer in my pool at home. I don't often use it because it's cold. Yes, I'm a wimp.

Later I think I will splash in the bath. I can't float in it, but at least I can splash.


  1. Swimming is a great form of excercize! You should totally do that all summer.

  2. Aquatic therapy is REALLY good for you. It was a crucial component in my therapy regimen as I was learning to walk again. Sounds like your body is being drawn to the water. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks guys! Sorry I forgot to reply... But yes, I've also heard about the effectiveness of water in exercise... I remember my pediatrician when I was 12 told me swimming was good for my asthma... Perhaps because you don't overheat? I don't know... But these are good ideas. Thank you!