Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby, OH!

My asthma has been significantly better for the past couple of days, mind you tonight I feel it getting worse again. It was good while it lasted! We've had very sunny, warm weather in Toronto and I made the most of it by going for walks and hanging outside with my parents and dog. I've been smiling a lot and laughing even more -- even by myself. Not only am I easily amused because my health has improved, but because I need to make up for the laughter I had to suppress during the nasty asthma periods. If this was just a random couple of good days, I'm okay with that. I was happy just to have them especially because....

My sister came over for Father's Day tonight!!! I had only last seen her a few days ago, but it felt like longer. I really do miss having her around! We laughed about stupid things like imitating the young girls in the audience at the Much Music Video awards that aired live tonight. The Justin Bieber fans are especially adorable -- I say this imagining they are waaaay younger than I. In maturity, perhaps, but not in age. I'm 24; many of them looked older than 15. Bieber himself is turning 16 this year. Wow! A pop star 8 years younger than I am? I remember reading Seventeen magazine when I was 13 or 14, seeing pictures and quotes from 22 years olds, thinking they were ANCIENT! I wonder if I will ever get used to being whatever age I am. My juvenile appearance won't help.

I think time in general seems to get away from me. I had another reminder of that today when a pair of capris I've worn regularly since summer 2001 ripped -- kind of signaling it was time to stop wearing them. Why? Because they're not really mature, plus I should freshen up my summer wardrobe -- well, all of my wardrobe. I get so attached to my things. Once I find something comfortable and cute, I never seem to want to give it up. I have intimate apparel that is literally falling apart from age, but I still wear it. I don't like shopping for many things because i find it hard to find stuff in my size that I think looks good on me and doesn't make me look like a child. Also, I've had the same pair of running shoes for about seven years. Shameful, eh? They're probably horrible for my feet!

My mom wants to take me shopping on my birthday Thursday to buy a gift since I'm apparently so picky and unmaterialistic that she thinks it's a big risk to try to find something I'll like on her own. It probably is. When she asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I stood blankly for about ten minutes, saying "Um" every once in a while.


  1. Happy early Birthday!
    No matter what age you are, it always feels like people younger than you are just kids.

  2. So nice to hear you had a good weekend. I hope you are feeling even better Thursday!


  3. Haha! Thursday, it is- 24th June?!! Yay for you!

    I had been watching the Miss India-Universe pageant yesterday. EVERY contestant is younger than me. And so beautiful and graceful and confident. So, don't worry. We all feel the same!!

    But, we are cool too. In our own ways. Right??!! :) :) :)

    Yay for good days!

    Go shopping. A girl ought to love it!!

    Happy Birthday week! :) :)

  4. Birthday greetings to you! Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. We are more than 40 years different in age but I think you see what I see, you see the "mystical" that I do. I think that is special! A few of the photos on that blog were taken on the day my grand-daughters and I went on a "magical adventure". Hope you are feeling on top of the world for your birthday!

  5. Was Thursday your birthday? Well whenever it was/is, Happy Birthday!!!
    I hope you have/had a fantastic day :-)

    My dear I wish I could share with you the joy I get from shopping. It makes me sound like a complete airhead when I say I love to shop, which is weird 'cos I'm not really. I just love to see all the beautiful things that are out there; it is so inspiring to see what people come up with - the clothes, handbags, shoes, jewellery... it's all so darn Pretty! I buy if I can, but even when I can't afford to I still go out and window-shop. I am just as happy just to look - or to help other people spend their money, LOL!

    Oh, and FYI no, you'll never get used to being your age. I still feel 17... and have done for about the last 19 years!

    So did you figure out what you wanted for your birthday?

  6. Oh man! I don't know if any of you will get this, but I forgot to respond to these comments! Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. AND TERRI YOU NEVER SOUND LIKE AN AIRHEAD!!!!