Monday, June 7, 2010

A Mess of Music and Treats

A truck is driving around my neighborhood playing about seven notes of a song on a loop. I'm assuming the driver of this truck will dispense ice cream, that is if this incessant tune actually brings him business. I have seen children run to a truck like it, but I imagine they run over to it to get fudgcicles and then jab them into the driver's eyes. Then his sound system. Then I imagine the children raid his ice cream stash waving flags. An ice cream truck resistance. If ice cream is even worth a resistance.

I've seldom gotten excited about ice cream. What's so good about it? I expect to get comments asking me if I'm crazy -- and don't get me wrong: I am -- but the mess of ice cream and its tendency to freeze my brain and teeth don't compensate for the taste, which if you ask me isn't that wonderful no matter what the flavour. I suppose I have a bit of a grudge against ice cream and popsicles -- any frozen treat. I usually get it all over my face without my knowledge. Then I have to endure friends' or family members' laughter and pointing.

I'm a messy eater generally, but for some reason it's really only the ice cream mess that I hate. There are wonderful foods and treats whose tastes make the mess worth it. Like cake!

Ah, the ice cream truck has long gone now. At least I assume it has since that infernal devil tune has ceased. I don't imagine the driver  has stopped playing the music. Unless the resistance really happened. This is the effect of this ice cream truck! I'm still annoyed with it even though it has gone! I've decided to get my mom to drive me around the neighborhood when the ice cream truck comes back. We will blast Spice Girls' "Wannabe" to drown him out. That'll show him!

Now, I know my readers are smart, so you have no doubt predicted that the combination of "Wannabe" blaring over the ice cream truck song will be a bigger, more annoying racket than the one I originally complained about. Heck, "Wannabe" alone playing around the neighborhood at a lower volume would be annoying. BUT perhaps it would drive the ice cream truck out of the neighborhood for good! He will not dare again to expose himself to the wrath of Ashley and her Anti-Ice Cream Truck Movement! A noble cause, no?

If you believe ice cream and ice cream truck music have redeeming qualities, please try to convince me if you like! Otherwise I will petition for ice cream trucks to sell cake instead. What music, if any, should my cake truck play?


  1. While I enjoy an ice cream treat once in a while, I readily agree that the ice cream truck music has no redeeming value other than its ability to advertise the presence of the ice cream truck (which is only redemption if you're livlihood depends on selling ice cream treats out of a truck).

    When it comes to advertising though, I have much bigger problems with those advertisements that are offensive (intentionally or not) and those that make no sense (the kind that you watch wondering "what is going on here?" but can never remember what the product was supposed to be).

  2. Mmmmmm cake, so good. "Celebrate Good Times Come On", springs to mind when I think of cake.

    I used to love ice cream as a kid but now not so much. I'm lactose intolerant now and it's hard to find anything ice cream related that tastes in any way decent. Cake on the other hand, even though I am gluten free, is easier to come by. I have a local café that makes the best chocolate cake ever and just happens to be gluten free. I'd go 10 slices of that over ice cream any day.

    Ice cream truck music is like nails on a chalk board. We live in a a very hilly area so the sound comes up the valley from miles away. Some summer days you just want to run up and sledgehammer that loud speaker on the roof. But that's just me. Your Spice Girls program sounds much more civilised.

  3. I hate ice cream truck music!
    Can you imagine what the driver of that truck as to endure trying sleep at night with that sound pounding through his skull non-stop? I get it stuck into my head after only a few minutes!

  4. The ice cream truck in our neighborhood plays really bad out-of-tune versions of kids songs. It just about drives me insane.

  5. It's funny, I was just having a discussion about ice cream trucks a couple days ago. One of my friends, who is in his 40's will still run out after a truck. Chase it down the street.

    Personally, if I have children, I'm going to train them that the sound of an ice cream truck is the sound of a tornado warning. That way they'll always run away.

    I do like ice cream though on occasion. I also like Popsicles, which the truck does dispense as well.

  6. Ha that was funny, if a little mad. We dont have any ice cream vans here, but I can hear a tune in my head from the UK playing in my head!......curses!

  7. I used to be a big fan, but now my sensitive teeth would rather that I melt the ice-cream and drink milkshake instead. The pain ain't worth it, at all. Oh no!

  8. I was expecting outrage at my claims that ice cream is overrated! Instead, these are lukewarm ice cream reviews. It appears an ice cream truck revolt would gain considerable support... and volunteers for the fight.

  9. I can tell you the purpose of the ice cream truck music because it totally worked on my sis & I when we were kids. You heard the ice cream truck, you started screaming/whining/begging your mom for money to get ice cream.

    So it was a very effective marketing strategy, since the market was the 2-10 year olds.

    Personally I love ice cream, but I would totally love to buy from a cake truck too!!

    (This is Linda. The post will say "anonymous" because I can't remember my google password).

  10. okay...maybe if your cake-selling ice cream truck sold some ice cream to go with cake....hey! that's a brilliant idea! off to paint the hubs truck (after i get the cracked windshield fixed that is :O)

  11. Linda - Yes, I agree it's a good marketing tactic. Crazy, repetitive music = ice cream! I suppose the same would work for my cake truck... Thanks!

    Cathy - Cake AND ice cream -- of course! Brilliant. Please stick decals of cake on your truck. Mmmm. Thanks for commenting!