Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanks for the Laughs

It's strange. I was still lying in bed no more than half an hour ago thinking about funny things to cheer me up. You see, it's nearing the one year mark of my virus/post-viral syndrome and I'm feeling blue that I'm still sick with this, on top of my other problems.

"Met a man? It sounds like you swallowed one," said Blanche Devereaux to Dorothy Zbornak in The Golden Girls. I just thought of this quote in bed and it made me laugh. Golden Girls always does. I watch it almost every day when it airs back-to-back. Even if I've seen the episodes a bunch of times. The show definitely keeps me busy on sick days. I watched countless episodes when I was in Hawaii, sick with asthma and the other stuff.

I was sad and shocked to read on Yahoo that Rue McClanahan, who played the over-sexed, optimistic Blanche, has died after a massive stroke. She was 76.

Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia all make me laugh a lot. Sometimes I imagine that I'm one of their daughters or a young friend on the show. I crave the friendship the four of them shared and admire them for their active social and romantic lives. Activity at any age fascinates me, probably because I can be such an anti-social homebody and I'm never attracted to men or interested in sex. So why do I love Blanche so much, even though I can't identify with her?

I think it's her charm, confidence and wit.

I just read an article about Rue's death that says, "In the morning, when you’re too tired or sick to get out of bed, and at night, when you need a good laugh to clear your mind before you drift off to sleep..." That's exactly what I was doing. It wouldn't surprise me if other people do it too.


  1. Have you ever seen her on Maude? She looks much older than she did on GG.

    Maybe it's the blue hair she had.

  2. good post and great blog
    and you are an incredibly pritty girl
    best wishes

  3. I agree with are very beautiful, and despite what you say, some day someone will be very lucky and happy to be with you.
    Just allow it when it comes.

  4. I loved that show too and her character especially. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. So sad. So many laughs from that show. Fingers crossed Betty White stays well for may years to come.

  6. We felt sad to know about her.
    We have watched some episodes and we liked them a lot!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. JackDaddy - You know I've never actually seen Maude? Well, a clip here and there, but that's all. I've heard it's great though! Rue and Bea sure did have great chemistry!

    John and Joe - Thanks for your lovely compliments! You're making me blush!

    Betty - GG lovers unite! Thanks for the well wishes!

    Rusty - I've been thinking the same thing. Betty is so lovely. I want to give her a big hug! Plus, she was SO gorgeous on Golden Girls!

    Lorenza - I'm glad you enjoyed the episodes. I'm sure you would have liked Rue. She was a big animal lover and animal activist!