Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today's Lesson Is....

If you want to create a light-hearted Facebook group with the word "boobs" in the title, prepare for the following people to join your group:

a) girls who will post pictures of themselves wearing low-cut shirts or dresses or ... less
b) boys who will request to see or hold boobs
c) boys who will claim to have boobs
d) girls who will complain about the largeness of their boobs
e) girls and boys who will joke that their large boobs have injured them in a variety of hilarious ways

If you didn't figure it out already, I am offering this advice based on what I have experienced. About three years ago, I created a Facebook group called "I Hold My Boobs When I Run Down the Stairs," meaning nothing sexual at all. I just did it and I figured other women did too. I returned to the group every now and then for probably a few months to see how many members joined and see what they posted on the wall. It was cute and fun. Harmless, non-sexual fun, as I had anticipated. Then I forgot about the group for two years.

Yesterday, I remembered that I had created this group and wondered how many members it had and who had joined. Well! There were 21, 000 members and it kind of turned into a softcore porn website. Very sexual indeed! How could I have been so naive! I laughed, but kind of panicked that the site would make me look bad, as it was public that I was the "Creator/Admin" of the group. So I deleted my status as "Creator/Admin" because I didn't think it would be possible for me to sift through all of the posts and delete the inappropriate stuff. Then I also deleted myself as a member of the group.

Tonight I read through all of the Wall posts -- there really weren't many. It only took about five minutes to look at everything. Nooooo! If I'd known there was so little to moderate, I would have kept my position as "Creator/Admin" and simply moderated the posts. It was a fun group. I still like the idea: it's definitely my humour. It would have been fun to generate some innocent discussion... And delete the trolling men -- boys -- from the group. 21, 000 is a lot of people. I'm proud my little group reached so many people. I could have shared more of my humour and creativity with those 21, 000 people. Such wonderful exposure! But I threw it away because I'm Little Miss Censorship apparently. Also, I felt the images weren't meant for my eyes, being an innocent virgin and all. Also, I felt that by leading this group, I may have implied that I have large breasts. I don't want to deceive anyone or draw requests to see my breasts. I didn't have any such request in three years, but I imagine it would have confused me, since I forgot about the group.

"Why do strangers keep asking to be my friend on Facebook? Why do people keep asking me about my chest?"

I wrote a report to Facebook, briefly explaining the situation and asking if I could be reinstated as "Creator/Admin," so we'll see what happens. I don't see why not. Facebook keeps records of everything, so I'm sure they have some record of me previously holding that position.

Or maybe I should just give up and create a new group to expose my creativity and humour! But wait...

I have other plans, though. When I get a job and a place of my own, I will buy a camera and a Mac Book, so I can make videos using iMovie. I will do puppet shows, cartoons -- maybe even monologues! Then I will put open a youtube account, make myself a channel and post everything I produce on it. This way I can perform and entertain without having to leave my house or be accountable to anyone. I won't have to perform if I'm not feeling well. It's perfect! That's really what I want... An Audience.


  1. LOL that gave me a giggle, which I needed today. You and your boobs are such trouble makers :)

  2. Haha, that's insane. I think I'm going to go start a group with boob in the title and see who/what I come up.

  3. You had me at puppet shows! :)

  4. I couldn't get into FB, but my dog has an account. Go figure!
    (i doubt he'll join this group, though . . .) Ha!

  5. Ashely, if you start creating movies for You Tube, you will have me watching all of them. I know it would be great...boobs or no boobs!

  6. 21,000 people? All just because you put 'Boobs' in the name? That is amazing.

    Ashley - don't wait till you get a job and a place of you own and a mac book... Just get a FLIP and start doing it! You would be great.


  7. There are girls who complain about the largeness of their boobs?

  8. Rusty Hoe - I'm glad you got the giggle you needed! Thanks.

    TS Hendrik - Interesting experiment!

    JackDaddy - Puppets tell stories better than people do.

    Country Girl - I know what you mean. My parents made our dog a Facebook profile. Little Pounce has more friends than my Dad! Pounce wouldn't join the group either... Thanks for visiting!

    Joe - Aw that's so sweet of you. I think I'll name one of my puppet characters after you. Maybe I'll have a topless puppet too ;)

    Robin - It IS amazing! I want to wait to have the privacy of my own place, plus the right user friendly software to edit it properly.

    Cottage - YES it's true! Apparently my Facebook group became somewhat of a support group for those people.

  9. you should know that the word "Boobs" is going to get a reaction. At least a giggle!
    Hoosier hugs,

  10. Cheryl - I guess I should have named my blog "Beyond Passing Boobs" instead of "Beyond Passing Time"!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  11. Can I call you the boob lady?