Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Meaning of the Sipping Tool

I'm tired of drinking from ugly mugs with stupid messages on them like "My Dad's the Greatest." Oops! That came out wrong. I feel odd drinking from it for the obvious reason that I am not a dad. It's an old mug and I assume my mom bought it for him. I wouldn't do such a thing. I mean, I love my dad and he is great (just to clarify that I'm not a monster daughter); I just find that stuff cheesy and meaningless.

There's another mug that has a picture of a female stick figure pulling her hair out. Above, it says "My kids are driving me crazy!" Really, Mom? I make a point of not drinking out of that mug. I'm serious. The dad one, I'll drink from.

Then there are corporate mugs that we obviously just have for the sake of having mugs. Just one of things you collect because you don't have to pay for it. Maybe they were given away as prizes or something, really to market the businesses (I figured this out, having studied public relations). For the longest time we had one that had a Toronto radio station logo on it. I'm assuming it broke because knowing my family we'd have no other reason to throw it away. It seemed odd to me because I didn't think any of us listened to that radio station. We also have mugs with the label of the newspaper my mom used to work for. That makes some sense to me: they must have been giving them away at her work. Maybe there were extras from the coffee room.

When I get my own place, I won't have mugs. Well maybe I'll just have one that says, "My mom is driving me crazy!" And when she comes over to visit I'll serve her a drink in it. Yes, I know I could get nice mugs, but I don't drink coffee. And I don't want to drink tea from a mug. I want cups and saucers! I drank from one once at a friend's and loved it. I loved feeling the thin rim between my lips, then hearing the click of the cup on the saucer after my sip. And it had a beautiful design on it. Definitely an antique, but I don't know if I want any of those. They're very expensive and I'd be too paranoid about it breaking!

I definitely want an old fashioned tea set, though. Just a new one. Maybe with a floral print? I won't go as far as making sure it matches the decor though. That's just weird. It would be a drastic move for a simple girl like me who has never painted her bedroom or bathroom she has had for 22 years!

Anytime I see a tea set in a magazine, on tv or in a store window, I smile hard and say "Aaaw!" Either out loud or in my head. It's more than just the aesthetic appeal. To me, a tea set of my own will symbolize my independence when I move out. The fantasy of drinking from the cups with my friends is the fantasy of doing things my way. Entertaining my friends whenever I want. I can see the Facebook event page now: "Tea Time at Ashley's!"

The tea party will be ruined if guests come who don't like tea. No! You have to drink from the set! That's what makes it special! (Sigh) I mean, I could make them drink water or milk from the tea cups. Or I could make up for forcing them by at least buying them some coffee and putting it into the tea cups. It might be cold by that point, though. Now I'm just obsessing. I won't force anyone to do anything. My non-tea drinking friends can sip coffee from wine glasses for all I care. Or they can drink wine from wine glasses. Hey, so can I! This is sounding better than my tea party idea...


  1. I needed to read this. Was having a very rough day. Thanks, Ash! You've made me smile with your innocence! :)

    p.s. someday I'll clang my coffee mug against your tea-cup!

  2. Oh, tea parties. Sounds like fun!


  3. I like coffee mugs AND tea sets!

  4. I understand about the odd mugs, but sometimes, you get a good one!
    The Daughter got me one that says I am the World's Greatest Dad, and I know how dumb that sounds, but whenever I use it, it makes me think about her.
    My bride also got me one when I turned 50 that says 'Oh no, the Big 50!' and I like that one too.

  5. And with your health returning, I see your great sense of humor is also rapidly returning as well!

    Ashley, often when you make a joke I see it as a great product idea – Matching coffee mugs; “my kids are driving me crazy” “my mom is driving me crazy”… Do I have to pay you a royalty?

    I think you should forget about Public Relations and go into Product Development for one of those giant consumer products companies that are endlessly convincing us to buy things we don’t need (like fancy tea sets).


  6. Ashley, you are right, there is nothing nicer than a cup of tea in a lovely matching cup and saucer. I have one (just one) cup and saucer that was grandmother's and use it only when I feel like a need for a dose of ladylikeness (if there is such a word). I, too, avoid coffee cups with words on them. People tend to give me lovely coffee cups and they all have names. My favourite are my "Marie" cups which I've treasured for 15 years now.

    One thing is for sure, no matter what they drink out of, I know your friends will enjoy your tea party!

  7. Oh Ashley, You are just so young!!!!! When you get my age (67)---you will love looking back at all of the memories on those coffee mugs... I have a bunch of them ---and love looking at them all at times.

    I do love mugs --and my hubby and I have 'favorites'.. I like my mug to have a big handle --so that all of my fingers fit through when I'm holding it... It doesn't matter what words are on the mug... It's all about the taste--whether it is coffee or tea.

    My friend used to give Tea Parties ---and she had a collection of all kinds of tea cups and saucers... SO much fun!!!!

    Good Luck with your Tea Party.

  8. I would love to go to tea party and enjoy talking about books and movies .. that's lot of fun i wish all the blogger can have the different tea party !

  9. Aw, sweet! Tea parties are what I used to dream about, only not as detailed...glad I read this today. You reminded me to dream again! Thanks for stopping by my site, you made me smile :)

  10. I was just toying today with making some hand painted mugs for my upcoming webstore thingie. But I'm not sure now. :) My mom's house is full of mugs we acquired over the years as kids or she's acquired since. When I go home, I see mugs in there that were there when I was six!

    Of course MY painted mugs would be kick ass. Honest! :)

  11. Have you seen the new Starbucks commercials with all of these mugs? Too funny. I too would prefer to drink out of the Dad mug--wouldn't want the "My kids are driving me crazy" mug to set the tone for the day!

  12. my mug says simply


    no I dont understand it either!!!

  13. I will come to your party and drink whatever you tell me to from whatever vessel you choose.

  14. Feeling - Aw, I'm glad my post helped you! Sorry you had such a tough day. I hope things get better. Yes, clang!

    Jane - Yes, I imagine fun. If not, a quiet, stimulating conversation will do.

    LadyFi - Well aren't you easy to please!

    Joe - I like that the mug makes you think of her. So sweet!

    Robin - Humour IS health!

    Pauline - At my friend's house, the cup and saucer I used were her grandmother's. It kind of made me think of sipping in the past. I was honoured to sip from a cup that had such sentiment for my friend whose grandmother had recently died. Thanks for saying friends will enjoy my tea party!

    Betsy - I understand the sentiment of having something that reminds you of previous times. I'm that way with many things. I just don't like generic messages. There's no sentiment there for me.

    Sabi - We actually never talk about books and movies! Maybe I should start that. It would make me feel cultured! One should feel cultured at a tea party after all.

    Jinnia - No problem for dropping by! Yes, my fantasies are very detailed, like dreams are! Perhaps that's why this post reminded you of your dream.

    Vegetable - I'm sure your mugs would rock! Handpainted?! Woo! I want to see pictures! I'm not a fan of ceramic mugs, though. Could you try a different material just for me?

    Allison - Welcome! I'd love to know how you found me. I will visit you soon! I haven't seen that commercial. Let's stay away from those mugs or "accidentally" drop them.

    John - Oh, I think I understand your "Bummer" mug. You drink from a mug at the start of the day. Early in the morning. Now THAT'S a bummer.

    Bossy - Wow, thanks! You sure are loyal. But be careful. With an attitude like that, you could end up getting drunk.