Monday, July 12, 2010

Well aren't I fun (That isn't sarcasm)

Fantastic weekend! Friends are what made it grand. (Isn't that the case every weekend?) I've become a bit of a social butterfly over the past couple of weeks. I just want to dress up, have some laughs, dance, soak up the sun, eat good food and have some drinks, swim in my pool and cuddle my dog. I love doing a lot of things on my own, but for a while I'd forgotten how wonderful it is to share those experiences with great friends.

It is so important to feel loved. I mean, of course I knew I was loved, but when you're physically with them it feels that much stronger. I mean, these are people who can make any situation amazing, people with whom conversation comes easy. People I can vent to and know that they are really listening.

Ah, it doesn't pay to vague, does it? I love details, so here we go:

Saturday I went out with a friend I made in my fifth and final year of university. We'd never hung out outside of school, so I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't have much to say since for the past couple of years Facebook chat was our only connection. Well, it was smooth and natural, fun and interesting. I also scared off various drunken, idiotic jerks who came over "to say hello." Well, "Hello" my foot! Seriously. How dumb did they think we were! Yes, I will take you seriously because you want to shake my hand (sarcasm) ... Go away! Grrrr. One said I "didn't look too happy." I was surprised he knew how to take a hint...

Sometimes I wonder what jerks like that are like when they are sober during weekdays -- well, if they are sober. Like, are they perfect gentlemen, going to the office then coming home to dinner with their wives and kids? Or do they live in their parents' basements by day, chasing anything with boobs and a pulse at night? Also, what do their livers look like? And why aren't they afraid of being castrated?

Rant over!

Today I listened to music in my room and then cuddled my dog. Then my sister came over for dinner. When I heard her voice at the door a smile came onto my face and I felt like a little kid again, running to the door. I hugged her hard. I love her so much! The meal was fantastic: roast chicken and roast potatoes and carrots. Thanks Mom! Then my friend came over. We swam and chatted in the pool, got dressed then went for one of our long walks. We talk a lot! She listens. I feel more comfortable with her than anyone else in my life I think. With other friends -- no matter how close we are and how much I love them -- it takes me time to get fully comfortable and chatty and laughing. That's why I prefer longer hangouts. Otherwise, by the time I'm comfortable it's time for the friend to go! Not my truest buddy. A couple of hours is enough because I see her often and I'm completely comfortable and involved for the whole time.

On our way back home, I bought a bag of Hickory Sticks and a package of three Twinkies. I ate all of it before getting into her dad's car to go home. Then at home, I got out of my clothes, into my housecoat and went downstairs and had a big plate of spinach-beef lasagna. Oh man! My mom's is the best. And I love how the cheese oozes from beneath the pasta as I sink my knife into it. Then it all melts in my mouth. Man! So anyway... I'm stuffed and for the first time in ages, I'm actually bloated. I wish my appetite was always this amazing! I weigh 94 pounds, but I want to get to at least 107, my heighest weight, which was in grade 10. I think a little weight is healthier and prettier, mind you I don't look emaciated and I feel feminine. I like to think of myself as a Betty Boop type. Hahaha. Tinkerbell was a cool petite character too, but those hips are just a tad implausible, don't you think?

I felt good this weekend -- again! But I was waddling and wobbly on my walk. I think that's why my back is hurting more than usual tonight. It's okay -- tomorrow I will book my physical therapy! I will also swim in my pool again. I love floating around and treading water. It's fun and refreshing.

I also really need to get back into reading. I just stopped doing it months ago, but I have a bunch of books I've bought and never read. Like I just collect books for some reason. No, I haven't bought a book or been given a book in like a year and a half. I just found more I wanted to read than I got around to! That's such a disrespect to myself as a person who isn't working or in school, and is also as a writer.

I really love to have books around me. Really. A room without books is so... Naked and cold. I don't think I could ever get into the Kindle or iPad. I mean, I understand the convenience factor, but what about cracking a spine open? Flipping pages? It's a far more pleasurable reading experience than I think an electronic book could ever be. Still, people try to convince me! I think my dad, a loyal Apple fan, may think he can win me over since he's seen my recoveries from various technophobias:

For a couple of years I was anti-MP3 and all about CD's -- superior quality! Then I gave in and bought one for the great compiling capabilities (and, with the iPod, no need for batteries -- mind you I've had two iPods and both have never stayed charged for long). Also, I was anti-cell phone and only got one because my mom wanted to be able to get a hold of me while I was at university.

I guess I should go to bed now. Here I am, writing about my healthy changes: I'm exercising and eating a lot, but I'm staying up late! I haven't yet resolved my nocturnal tendencies...


  1. Glad you had a great weekend!


  2. How on earth did you manage to eat so much?!?!

    It's a good sign, I think! I'm glad you've been feeling so marvellous lately - here's hoping it'll be like that on the 29th when I am visiting you! Have you figured out what you want to do that day while you've got my attention?

    Speaking of - can you fb in a private message and send me your phone number? I'm not sure if I'll be using my phone or really having access to one, but I'd like to have it anyway, and would like to have a game plan before I get to Toronto! Or of course, I'll end up forgetting or things will get confusing and one of us or the other will get grumpy waiting around all day for some contact from the other person... etc etc etc.

    Well! I wasn't exactly planning on messaging about summer plans on your lovely entry, except that I feel they're sorta connected and I couldn't resist!


  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! Sore is good.

  4. Wow, that as quite a post! Good to see you being so energetic and bubbly!
    I am glad you saw good friends, sister, and had a good meal.
    Times like those are wonderful.
    Don't worry about your nocturnal tendancies...I love to stay up late...but it is only good if I don't have to get up early the next day.

  5. Hello Dear

    This is my first time at your blog.. came via Anna's blog. I would like to be your friend.

    God bless YOu
    Sabi Sunshine

  6. Goodness, I know what you mean about reading (the lack thereof) - I have quite a few books that I WANT to read but just don't get round to (too busy blogging haha)!

  7. Yes, you are fun! I am now picturing you as Betty Boop - with a fabulous body and a very LARGE head!

    Hope you have a great week!


  8. I do the same with books. I go thru dry spells and then try to get caught back up with all the ones I've been meaning to read!

  9. Ashley - So fantastic that you've been enjoying yourself lately!!!

    You go girl!


  10. That's what life is all about, enjoying! Anna :)

  11. Jane - Thanks! This weekend should be grand too!

    Lindsey - I don't know know how I ate so much, but it was definitely a one-off. Boo! Thanks for being so happy for me! I will message you my info! Plan booking is connected to this post! I'm excited to see you and I'll likely write about our adventure here!

    Jason - Yes, it was great! But sore is not good! This was soreness from wobbling and being fatigued, not just from activity after being sedentary.

    Joe - Thanks! Those are indeed wonderful times and I know what you mean about the night: no better time to reflect! Perhaps this wouldn't have been "quite a post" if I had written it during the day.

    Sabi - Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I like to know how people find my blog. We can certainly have a friendship here!

    Cafe -- It's funny you said you were too busy blogging because I don't count blogs as reading for some reason. I just realized that. I should, though. I read some great writers who engage me just as any novelist would. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! How did you find my blog??

    Sarsaparilla - Thanks for agreeing that I'm fun! Now that you mention it I do have a big head and a great body. Now you just need to help me find the perfect hat... That can be hard with my big head!

    Jack - Yes, dry spells is just what it is for me! Reading is a discipline, I think.

    Robin - Yes, it is fantastic! I embrace these times. Deep breaths! Thanks for all your support.

    Anna -- Enjoyment is life for sure! It's the simple things. Wise woman.

  12. "a room without books is naked and cold." do you mind if i borrow that? would make a good poster to put in my classroom. although i might get in trouble just using the word "naked."

  13. Brainsnorts - Wow. Sorry. This response is very delayed. I'm not sure that you'll get it, but anyway.... I guess you can use that phrase as long as you credit me. We all know I would love to have my name on a poster. Thanks!