Friday, August 27, 2010

Adult Dog

Today my mom was still out running errands when I needed to have a bath and then go to physio, so I took Pounce upstairs to the bathroom with me, then shut the door. I didn't think my mom wanted Pounce to be downstairs without supervision. I wasn't totally comfortable with the idea either. Then I realized I'd forgotten my shampoo, towel and toothbrush from my washroom. Yes, I have my very own. It's private and can only be accessed through my bedroom. Please don't think my house is big.

Anyway, I figured Pounce would try to run away when I opened the door to go get my things, but when I firmly said, "Stay," he didn't budge! I shut the door behind me. He cried for a couple of seconds. It was hard to come back and see his black nose poking under the door. I opened the door and he didn't try to get out! Good boy! I shut the door then I ran the water and brushed my teeth. He lied down. I guess he's gotten over his anxiety about closed doors. I got into the tub saying "Good boy!" He was pretty good, despite trying to chew the paint off the floor a few times.

I'd been feeling sick and it had gotten worse, so I got out of the tub and cancelled my physio appointment. Like I was going to do cardio while I was nauseous, dazed and a bit weak! Pounce rushed out before me, so I put him in his crate. I figured he'd be more comfortable there and I wouldn't have to watch him. Then I called Mom to tell her I'd cancelled, in case she wondered why I was still in the tub when she got home. I told her I crated Pounce and she said to just let him hang out downstairs alone.

It did seem appropriate to let him do that. Because he had just been so well behaved, I was comfortable with it. I guess it was just instinct for me to keep him in the bathroom and crate him. I walked upstairs realizing he has grown up. He's over a year old now. This is why I've referred to him as a dog in this entry, not a puppy.

My mom arrived home while I was washing. After my bath, I barely dried all of myself off and just went straight to bed. Mom came in and asked me why I didn't tell her earlier that I wasn't feeling well, so she could come home and look after the dog. Aw! I assured her that wasn't necessary. Pounce is a dog now. He's hardly a hassle! Besides, I wasn't that sick. And I'm tough. I can function pretty well when I don't feel well.

She brought me the glass of water I requested. I lied there thinking about how lucky I was to have the luxury -- and it really is a luxury -- to be able to go to bed whenever I need to and not worry about anything and to have a great mom who takes care of me. I thought about how much I love Pounce. I usually can't look at him without smiling and feeling very happy. He's also a great comfort to me.

I napped for about three hours. Then my mom came to ask me if I wanted something. She came back with a glass of ginger ale and strawberries and a doughnut she had bought me while she was out. Pounce followed her in. Then she put him on my bed and came and lied beside my chest. Aw! I pet him and remembered how much I had wanted an animal to cuddle last June, the beginning of my illness, when I was feeling insane nausea and I kept projectile vomiting. Pounce didn't stay for long because he wanted to be with my mom, but it was so nice while it lasted. Then I ate my donut and some strawberries. I particularly enjoyed them because they made me even more grateful I wasn't nauseous anymore.

I've been feeling good for a few hours now. Phew! I kept thinking these past few days that I've been doing exceptionally well. That may be true, at least on my terms, but I was feeling sick for at least part of the day, for most days this week. I think I'm just used to this being a part of my life and I'm so glad that I can be happy, not despite it, but because I've accepted it. Whatever happens happens. I can live well no matter how I'm feeling.


  1. It sounds like Pounce is a good dog and a good friend.
    Take care and feel well.

  2. I hope that this comment finds you tons better, and that you will feel better for a long time to come!


  3. Yo are very lucky to have such a loving and caring mom. So many people do not, just because someone is a 'mom' doesn't meant they are willing to actually 'be' a mom.

  4. It's all about getting through the ups and downs, and keeping your chin up. You're good at that!
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Despite how bad you sometimes feel, you know you have a wonderful mom and a dog that will love you forever. Dogs are like that. They commit and don't uncommit.

    I hope you have more good minutes than bad ones.


  6. Aww, what a good boy! Your Mom sounds really lovely, too. I hope you are feeling better now.

  7. Aren't mum's the best! It sounds like even though things aren't always the best, you have a great support team in your mum and your lovely Pounce. Keep strong!

  8. Hope you continue to feel good. Good Pounce, Good. Good Mommy too!

  9. Good to hear you're feeling better!

  10. Thanks everyone! My Mom and Pounce are great for sure. It was nice to feel better that night!