Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dudes, listen to it

I think rain is my favourite sound. I like the variation in sound. Most individual drops are indistinguishable from the others. It lulls me, this white noise. Then there are other drops, the ones that fall from the eavestrough onto the ground or into puddles or the pool. They fall slower, yet harder, it seems.

I feel so cozy in my house, but I like rain even when I'm outside. I like to see the drops bounce off things and splash. I love feeling the drops hit my coat. I don't understand why so many people hate rain, why rain is so symbolic of sadness or sad events. Now, wind and overcast skies make me feel sad, or an overcast sky. But rain kind of feels like a release, like urinating or crying. It's necessary and beautiful.

It reminds me that flowers and grass are being nourished and people are huddled inside. It gives us reasons to be calm and quiet and reflect on things, unlike the obligations of happiness and productivity that come on sunny days. Ah, I just love rain. I might not have such a romantic perspective if it rained all of the time.

And I need to be reflective tonight. I had a great time last night having a drink downtown with an old teacher/director from high school. It was fun to reminisce and talk about how we'd grown and changed -- and remark on the changes we saw in each other. Then I went to my sister's where she and our old, dear mutual friend were waiting for me to go out for drinks. We laughed and behaved like idiots as we always do, but also had honest, thoughtful conversation. I think it's so important to have both of those things in a friendship. Then I spent the night at my sister's! Aw it was nice. The next morning -- ahem, afternoon -- I went out and bought us some donuts! Yummy!

When I came home I walked and ran with my dog. Then I watched television. Then I went for a long brisk walk on my own. Man, has it felt good to be active and busy. Tomorrow I'm going for tea with another dear friend of mine. I think this weekend makes up for the previous two weekends I canceled plans because I didn't feel well.

I'm determined to have weekends like this more often. I'm going to go to physiotherapy regularly, eat well (today I allowed myself a junk food day) and get as much sleep as I need. These won't fix me of course, but they will help me endure more. I have a habit of staying up all night. I am so nocturnal. But hey, it's just after 11 and I feel ready for sleep already. Please pat me on the back. I'm not just going to go to bed now to listen to the rain.


  1. Sounds like you are doing well! I am so glad to hear it. Stay well,


  2. I LOVE rain! I love the way it sounds, the way things smell when it is raining, and I love the gorgeous dark storm clouds.

  3. Come to Oregon. Got plenty of rain but most of it is just drizzle.

  4. Good to know you are well.
    I love the rain and I enjoy walking past gardens of lavender after heavy rainfall...ahhh the perfume..

  5. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

  6. The rain is a wonderful thing. I love listening to it as well. I'm really happy for you!

  7. Jane - Thank you! I'm taking charge.

    Joe - Of course! The smell and the clouds! Thanks.

    Dr. - Haha drizzle is cool too.

    Mary - Oooh rain on lavender. Thanks for being glad.

    Lloyd - Welcome and thanks for the compliment.

    Lynda - Thanks! Yes, rain is pleasing to all of the senses. Thanks for being so happy for me!

  8. My favourite rain is that which falls during the night and lulls me to sleep. I like it during the day too, as long as I'm not planning on taking a walk because I don't like getting wet.
    You sound so happy and positive in the post. I'm glad.

  9. Pauline - Thanks for noticing my happiness here! Rain at night is lulling; I agree. It's so special. I don't mind getting wet; I just hate being damp after.