Friday, October 8, 2010

I don't "like it"

Those of you who use Facebook may have recently noticed "I like it" status updates where women post where they like to put their handbag, or where they claim to like to put their "handbag," (ie "I like it on the floor") These sexually suggestive posts are supposedly intended to raise awareness about breast cancer since this is breast cancer awareness month, but I think it's just an opportunity -- excuse, rather -- some women take to be cheeky and get it into their heads that they are actually helping the cause.

I have two major problems with this supposed awareness campaign:

1) Saying "I like it on the table" does nothing to help the cause. Yes, I agree that it draws attention to breast cancer. People who want to know what the "I like it" trend is all about, given that the Facebook status updates don't include an explanation, will look it up on the internet and come across news articles and other websites that discuss breast cancer awareness month and related issues. But "I like it in the closet" does not raise awareness. Why not? It's already common knowledge that breast cancer is a problem and affects many women. True awareness would entail some sort of fundraiser or information about free mammograms or a petition for affordable medicine or information on how to lobby the government to do more research or information on where to volunteer to help women cope with this disease. Encouraging people to discover that October is breast cancer awareness month and that breast cancer is a problem accomplishes nothing.

2) "I like it on the floor," trivializes the issue. Breast cancer kills people. People who have it suffer. So do their loved ones. What if one of your Facebook friends has been touched by breast cancer. How might your little joke offend them or perhaps trigger some sort of trauma? Making a joke or trying to be cute in your Facebook status just detracts from the seriousness of the issue. Not only that, but it's just another example of sex being used to sell something with women objectifying themselves or being objectified. I'm so sick of it. Comments I've read on my Facebook friends' "I like it" statuses of course are only about the poster's sex life and it's unclear if the responders even know that it's a viral campaign for breast cancer. Obviously "I like it on the floor" doesn't actually lead to a discussion of the issues, not that people who post it expect it will anyway. It's just a move to get attention. It has nothing to do with breast cancer.

Saying "I like it in the backseat," isn't sexy, clever or even funny and it wouldn't be even if this double entendre was referring to something less serious. Who made the connection between a purse and breasts anyway? It doesn't even make sense.


  1. I have to agree with you here 100%

  2. I disagree. I'm sorry.

    I have lost my grandmother and my cousin to breast cancer. I'm aware of the sorrow it brings.

    When my friend sent me the message to post the line, not only did I make my own line, it reminded me to do a breast check. Even if my line reminds one more woman to check their breast, I think it's worth it.

    I'm sorry you disagree.


  3. I am also in agreement. It gets old.

  4. Ash my grandmother just finished a battle with breast cancer. This facebook "I like it" doesnt bother me at all, I actually got a request to post it as my status from a friend of mine whos mom is having a very tough time with breast cancer. I do agree that it is somewhat silly but its just another way to show that we know it is a problem and there is a public out reach to those who are suffering and those who are dealing with a family member suffering from breast cancer.

  5. I had no idea at all what it was about until I read this blog! I just thought it was some of my friends trying to be funny and failing.

  6. This is a great post and your position is well stated. I happen to agree with you, but I also find Facebook to be a complete and total waste of time.


  7. Ahh. So that's what the FB posts are all about! I was wondering but didn't care enough to "research" it! Thanks for getting me "in the know"!

  8. Joe - Thanks for letting me know.

    Clarissa - I'm sorry for your losses and thanks for sharing your perspective.

    Bossy - "Old" indeed. Thanks.

    Hiltzy - It's good to see you here and thanks for your perspective. I'm glad your Grandma is a survivor. I'm sure some people mean it is as an outreach, but I and many others probably don't see it as such. I'm glad the campaign didn't offend you.

    Kate - Yes, "failing" indeed. Clearly the campaign doesn't really work.

    Jane - Thanks for your compliment. Facebook can be a waste of time for sure. Facebook kind of desensitizes people. It makes it so easy to perpetuate or come up with meaningless, potentially harmful things and share them with everyone.

    Cheryl - I'm glad I could inform you. Thanks.

  9. Ashley very good point, I agree with you too. Anna :)

  10. I don't like it either now, and I already refused to use facebook in protest of the orgy of openness there.

  11. John - I could never leave Facebook, but I see what you mean.