Monday, November 15, 2010

Late Fall Greeting

I am so in love with much of the weather we've been having in Toronto for about a week. I took Pounce for walk at 8 am today. The air is so crisp and refreshing. I love how it clears my nose and forces my eyes to open more. I am not a morning person.

I also love wearing good coats, hats and sweaters. I love how my silk, ornate, purple pashmina rubs against my neck and chest. My only complaint was that my skin itched and stung from the cold under my red penguin pajama pants. Obviously, I'm not yet a slave to winter fashion. I don't care that people that people see them anyway. I wonder if people thinking I'm going to work or school afterward. Well, probably school because of my youthful appearance.

Oh, and let's not forget the sights. The branches of most trees, and there are a lot of trees in my neighborhood, are bare now. Delicate veins pierce the sky. Many orange, red, yellow and brown leaves have blanketed the ground. Now dry, they crunch and swish as I walk through them on the street and take detours to kick and stomp on small piles (not piles on people's lawns though!).

I've been pretty bored lately. I never did get back to NaNoWriMo because I just don't want to handwrite it. My computer is still on the fritz. It's okay. I have other computers in my house to satisfy my social networking needs. I've also become a big fan of Sudoku, which I play on my Nintendo DS at night before I go to sleep. I also play Five Card Draw and Blackjack, which I also learned to play on my DS. I wince when I lose money, like it is real, especially when I get into debt and I mock the electronic players ("Ha ha! SUCKA!" "Take THAT!") when I win games and get more money, feeling like I've won because I'm smart and they've done something wrong to get poorer hands of cards.

I think I will start volunteering again until I start school in January. I'm officially registered in the second semester of my public relations program! Just two more months... I've been feeling pretty good. Little pain and fatigue. Balance good. My heart is still frequently racing, though, and it makes me pretty tired. Despite this flare up, after rest I'm strong and energetic. Pounce and I ran here and there during our walk! We only slowed because he likes to dawdle to sniff and pee. I tug on his leash and scold him which usually works....

I'm starting to get really annoyed that I don't have any income anymore. Animal sitting season seems to have long ended. I guess the intense summer heat had people visiting cottages often... BUT it's not a massive deal. My parents give me everything I need. I'm so lucky in that respect, but I hate being so dependent. I'm conscious that while I'm sitting here writing this blog post, other young people are at work or school. Soon enough I will be too!

I'm happy to have this time to rest whenever I need to, but I feel anxious to have a real life again, especially since I realized I've been out of school and not working for a total of 14 months. That's seven months off sick, four months in school, then another seven months off sick. It's a good thing I'm a sendentary homebody, otherwise I'd be crawling the walls by now. I wish my second semester was offered in September because I would have loved to have started then, despite all the bad days I've had this fall, many with problems I didn't even defer my second semester for! Overall I've really improved, though.

I'm also so excited to have more to write about here!

Wow. Look at all of the "I" in this post. I start almost every paragraph with "I." Sometimes I feel so self absorbed...


  1. Well I don't think you're at all self-absorbed. Sometimes it's just good to share good news with your friends!ses

  2. JackDaddy, thank you! It does feel so good to share great news.