Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Concert, Dog Boots and Various Complaints

I have been trying to run, but when I do, this doggone cold air does a number on the lungs. Terrible chest pain, wheezing, mucous. Two brief runs and two asthma attacks. My physiotherapist said to cover my face to bring moisture and warmth into my lungs when I run. He told me not to let it get worse. Asthma is serious. It makes me hold my chest and swear. But hey, at least I'm running right? Running generally flares my asthma, though, so a scarf is no quick fix.

He also said this cold weather may be aggravating my back and neck problems. He said cold can tense the muscles. Basically the muscles press on the joints and create problems. Also, he said that cold can affect the fluid around the joints. This may explain this back flare I had for a couple of days. I couldn't go to a concert because of it, mind you it was silly of me to commit to a standing-room only concert no matter what kind of condition I'm in. Too much standing and walking involved. I'm disappointed and thinking about other shows I will likely have to avoid because they are in clubs or other standing room only places. It sucks, but I kind of get it. A club is a more intimate space. You get a better view of the artist. You get to dance. The acoustics are generally better. Less popular artists are better suited for clubs if they can't fill up larger venues. Maybe there are other reasons for having bands at smaller venues. I'm sure clubs are much cheaper to rent for a few hours.

The only concert I've been to that wasn't standing room only was to see Feist in the spring of 2008. She was amazing, oh man. I really love her music. I haven't been to many concerts in general actually. My last one was to see Florence and the Machine this past April. She was so good. Both these ladies have amazing voices.

My dog isn't a fan of this cold weather, but after I put his boots on him, he stages a walking strike, lying on the snow. I regularly call him a brat, but really I think he's just vain. He does look funny wearing his boots. Sometimes people "Oooh" and "Aaah" at him when he wears them, but maybe he interprets those as insults. Or maybe he just hates the clapping sound of his boots hitting the pavement. Or maybe he just likes to make me mad. Then we get home and I take off his coats and boots and harness, then dry him off with a towel. Then I swaddle him in a blanket and he settles down and kisses my face.

Speaking of my dog, it's time to take him outside. I think he hears something. He's chewing his bone at my feet (I'm on the bed) and every now and then he pauses to bark. Hmm...


  1. I used to hate running in the cold-- it really does hurt your lungs. Maybe run indoors somewhere?

    I have retired from going to shows unless they have seating at the venue. At the old age of 25, I am over concerts. I just hate standing up for all that time.

  2. Cold tenses the muscles --- that makes so much sense! Shivering is just a bunch of muscle spasms, right? But cold is cold! Stay warm, my friend!

  3. Tsaritsa - Yes, indoors works. I jogged on the spot for a bit this afternoon and then ran through the house with the dog and his toy. Ha ha. Thanks for the tip! Yes, the standing concerts are really irritating, especially with the pushy, loud spectators.

  4. I gave up running, I just don't like it, I prefer walk, slow or fast, enjoy it more.
    Hope all is well otherwise. Winter is officially here, not date wise, but snow wise.
    Anna :)

  5. I keep psyching myself up to run, but the minute I start, I wonder WHY. Just not a fan. I remember one time my lungs BURNED when I finished. Then I coughed like crazy for the next 6 I could totally understand how running can aggravate your asthma.

  6. Cheryl - That's funny. You posted that comment while I was writing a comment on the same post. Yes, it does make so much sense and I feel silly for needing my physiotherapist to tell me! Thanks. I bundle up.

    Anna - Yes, I much prefer walking too. It's great exercise, but it doesn't provide adequate cardio. Thanks. Yes, I'm doing well!

    Vicki - Sometimes I feel that way when I run, but the feeling gets better after some runs -- even for me! I think running is hard on anyone out of shape, so I'm pleased that I'm able to do it and enjoy it despite my barriers.

  7. Awww. At least he quickly forgives you about the boots. Dogs are the best!

  8. Oh, and look at the cute thing that appeared at my site today.

    What a cutie you are!!

    I read your top 3 posts here...and I can't believe how much we have in common.

    I have cold air induced asthma, every since I was in the 8th grade. And semi major/minor/bothersome scoliosis.

    I would not wear the brace I was supposed to as a child.

    Flat out refused.

    And now, the pain..oh, the pain.

    But, in clothes, I look alright.

    But I have to be careful as I age.

    And the pain of cold air on my ribs and back. oh. yes.

    Together, we can commiserate.

    That makes it easier, misery loving company and all.

    Have a wonderful, peaceful 2011!