Thursday, December 2, 2010


I wrote the following as a Facebook note a few years ago because I was hyper and thinking about rodents.

On an island where hamsters and skunks run free, there was one creature who dared to be different. One creature who knew the importance of fur maintenance.

His name was Digger: furball by day, fur dresser by night.

During the day, Digger the gerbil slept in his cage, like any domestic gerbil would. At dinner time, he ate carrot and played on his wheel. When his owners went to bed, Digger would sneak out of his cage and run around the bathroom.
Obsessed with fur hygiene, Digger often saw scraggly mice and rats running around the house and he knew that he had to do something about it.

One night, Digger decided to kidnap a mouse and groom it before releasing it back into the wild. He held a small comb to it's mouth and said, "come to my cage, or I'll kill you."

The mouse nervously agreed. Digger dragged the mouse to his cage and strapped him to his wheel. "If you move, I will spin the wheel upside down." Digger began nibbling off bits of the mouse's hair and then gave the mouse a mohawk. He then released the mouse back into the house.

The next day, a gang of rats came to the bathroom. Digger was frightened. Were these rats friends of the little mouse? Were they going to beat Digger up? Actually, these rats had seen the mouse's hair cut and wanted Digger to cut their hair too.

So Digger's hair cutting business was born.


  1. Soon Digger will have his own reality show!

  2. Ha! How fun!

    Can I hire Digger to hang out at my house for a while? I spotted a mouse the other day and it's freaking me out a little...

    Hope your holiday season has been a good one so far. Stay warm!
    - Susan

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and making such an appreciative comment.

    Your digger story is such quirky fun, gorgeous.

    BUT, I scrolled back to your meditation on an orange peeling itself. I am in a tearing hurry and had to have been out 10 minutes ago, but couldn't stop reading and just had to reply.

    Absolutely brilliant!

  4. Bossy - Ha ha! He's definitely the kind of gerbil who'd be up to that. Maybe that will be his next chapter.

    Sarsaparilla - Thanks! It was fun to write too! Sure, Digger will be right over. I hope the mouse has a lot of hair. Seriously, mice are so adorable!

    Friko - Aw, you're more than welcome. It was my pleasure! Ah, "quirky" is a relief to hear as I was afraid I had amused myself more than this would have amused anyone else... Oh, and thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the orange piece. It seemed more neurotic than "brilliant" in the beginning.... You're making me blush!

  5. This is such an amusing story, I can picture it as an animated film. But then, you are kinda amusing yourself. Hyper and thinking of rodents? Too funny!

  6. Myth - Oops! Sorry, I forgot to respond to your comment. Yes, when I'm hyper I tend to think about really silly things and I get really creative. Thanks for appreciating it! I can see it as an animated film too, but not for children, I don't think. Thanks for your lovely comment!