Saturday, January 15, 2011

Twins, Television and Sexy Ignorance

I'm still trying to understand the eroticization of twins. It seems to play on the common young male fantasy with lesbians, which of course means incest in the case of twins. As a twin, I can tell you that I would not want to do any of what you're about to see in this Coors ad with my twin or want to take turns with her and a guy, or want to watch her do stuff with a guy, or want to dress the same as her and pose provocatively with her. But hey, if I can't attract guys on my own, I can always ask my sister to come pose and flirt with me.

And of course there's the twin double date fantasy. Often the prospect of dating twins is what the dude really wants. Notice how, in this episode of 7th Heaven guest starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Simon doesn't specify which of the girls he is interested in (if he even has a preference; I don't remember this episode very well.) Mary-Kate and Ashley say "we'll go out with you," "we've been waiting for you to ask us out all week," you know, because all of us twins love threesomes and just can't wait to share everything!


  1. You know I've often wondered about that fantasy. It's like saying "I want to have sex with two girls who look like they could be the same girl, at the same time." It's usually about identical twins. It's bizarre to me. Who fantasizes about being the meat in an incest sandwich?

    MK and Ashley are fraternal though, although for eff's sake, I can never tell them apart. :)

    So are you guys identical? I bet it gets really tiring being thought of as one entity instead of two individuals with their own personalities. I was friends in high school with identical twin girls and they were really different people despite looking uncannily the same.

  2. Well I guess it does sound pretty creepy if you actually think about it.

  3. I didn't know you were a twin too! My sister and I are fraternal twins, but it takes people a bit to tell us apart. Our voices and mannerisms are different enough that it only takes a time or two of really hanging out with us to figure it out. :) Are you identical or fraternal?

  4. I agree, that is one fantasy that I just can't seem to wrap my head around. Especially the fact that it is so common in mainstream media, it's like somewhere along the line someone decided, "incest is bad... unless the incest is happening between two sexy-looking twin sisters". WTF?

  5. Vegetable - Oooh the "meat in an incest sandwich." I like that. I think you raise a good point, though, that the fantasy usually involves identical twins or twins that at least look very alike. I did know that MK and Ash are fraternal and I can't tell them apart either! My twin and I are fraternal. We definitely look alike, but many people, myself included, don't think we look like twins. My sister and I have prety different personalities and tastes and we're treated as individuals. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment!

    Christopher - Thanks. This comment reads, though, like you didn't think about it as a creepy thing until you read this....

    Achieve - Wow, you and your twin must look so alike! I get so excited I find out someone has a twin or see twins. We're fraternal and we look and are pretty different. Thanks for your interest!

    Princess - Yes, this fantasy is RAMPANT in the media and I'd like to know where it originated. I guess I should ask one of my male friends to explain the appeal. Thanks! 'incest is bad... unless the incest is happening between two sexy-looking twin sisters' - Ha ha this cracked me up.

  6. I know, it is so ridiculous. Women's lib movement has been amazing. The fall-out is male penile anxiety. Culture is supposed to be patriarchal,.And so, after is a heresy that women should think for themselves.. Guys want to still be in charge. Thus, they have fantasies of bondage, and twins, etc. All kinds of kinky crap, that they can be in charge of.. It is just another aspect of how life is going down the tubes. One has to wonder what happened to love along the way?

  7. I agree - I've always thought the twin thing was icky because it is incest! I've also seen the mother/daughter at the same time thing in different TV shows & movies (only one I can think of off the top of my head is Nip/Tuck) and that creeps me out too.

    Oh, and "meat in an incest sandwich" from Vegetable Assassin - funniest thing I've read all week! LMAO

  8. I don't want to judge people's private sexual fantasies, but advertisers/producers/writers/actors/models etc. need to stop the rampant sexualization of anything and everything. I love how lesbianism is "hot" yet Don't Ask Don't Tell was just repealed last month.

    Here in America, at least, we have a huge problem with women playing into and encouraging the objectification of women. When I was in high school, two girls I knew (who hated each other) made out because some guy wanted them to. Then they said it was an example of how they weren't sexually repressed. Makes me worry about being the parent of a teenager some day!

    Thanks (as always) for giving me something to think about!

  9. Myth - Thanks for your comment. Interesting sex as control...

    Linda - Wow, mother/daughter? Yeesh, Linda. You're going to give me a nightmare! Thanks for writing.

    Lauren - You raise two such great points. Everything seems to be oversexualized and things that shouldn't be sexual at all are made to be. I don't get it. And yes, a lot of it seems to be done by women objectifying themselves. I don't quite understand that. Have any thoughts? You always have such great comments for me, so thanks!

  10. The twin fantasy is creepy, for sure. I don't get it at all.

    I always felt weird about the sexualization of Mary-Kate and Ashley as a unit, but apparently they were OK with it...or really desperate to be on 7th Heaven.

  11. Amber - Sorry for my delayed reply. Great point! MK and A DO seem okay with it! I don't see why 7th Heaven would be, though... Weird eh? It is very creepy.