Sunday, February 27, 2011

iCraft, Jewelry and Blogging

I had so much fun writing my first blog entry for iCraft, an online marketplace for handmade jewelry and crafts. I LOVE jewelry! I should take pictures of my big jewelry collection and post them here. Those posts would be different from my work for iCraft because I would never sell my jewelry...

I imagine it would be so difficult to give something away after spending so much time and energy creating it. I don't feel that way about my writing. I usually don't even feel uneasy when I share something I've written with an audience, be it a family member, a professor, the public. I used to, though. You write then stare. Delete then stare. It's intimate and personal.You don't know how others will receive it, if they'll appreciate it and understand it. And then you press "Send" in your email or "Publish Post" in the blog, and from that point on, it's no longer yours alone.


  1. I'll have to check out the post you made on there. I'm very private about my novel writing and normally don't let anyone see it. The blog is of course for public and has helped me to learn to think more about what I'm writing and how I'm writing. I van get really lazy when I write and sometimes my writing takes on a negative tone even when I don't mean for it to, so blogging has really helped me with that. :)

    And regarding your comment on my post. I'm so happy I found Storm. I of course can't be angry with her anymore. I'm just glad she's home. I was actually surprised she didn't complain during her punishment (the bath). I guess she knew better than to push it lol. And yeah I guess I do sort of treat them like my kids hehe. :) I try not to anthropomorphize but I do sometimes.

  2. Ashely these are beautiful pieces to wrote post about. I am not big jewelry person - I only wear a wedding band, lol. But I like to admire it. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

  3. Achieve - I'm glad blogging has helped you!

    Anna - Thanks. I totally agree. I love to look at jewelry as much as I love tow wear it. Wedding bands are nice, too.

  4. I'd love to see your jewelry. And it's good you find it easy now to share your writing.