Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dog Food


If your dog won't eat his dinner, lean over it and make chewing noises. You don't actually have to eat the food, but I suspect this might be a more effective tactic. I don't think this works on children, though, so it's hard to say. I don't think the "Here comes the airplane" technique works on kids either. But it might work on dogs. I'll let you know. When my dog Pounce was a puppy, he wouldn't eat his kibble until I took it from his bowl and put it on the floor. I'd try that again now, but it would be too messy as we give him tripe now with his kibble. He won't eat the kibble without the tripe. You might say he has me whipped.

He is almost finished his dinner. I don't have a camera to take pictures to prove this to you, but even if I did provide pictures, you could say that I ate the food myself. Or threw it out.


  1. Fortunately, Jack doesn't seem to need any encouragement to eat!! :)

  2. My dog would eat constantly if I let her. Come to think of it, my dog and I have a lot in common.....

  3. If I feed my dog, and then walk away....she follows me. It seems she wants me to stand nearby and watch her eat! It sorta makes sense, since when I eat, she sits nearby and watches me!

  4. JackDaddy - Lucky you!

    Bossy - I'm glad you can relate to your dog. As long as she eats on the floor and you eat at the table, I think you're okay.

    Mythopolis - Interesting! Maybe your dog is just a very social eater!

  5. Not sure if it's really lying or a misconception. To the younger you, the tree really was a large twinkling beauty.