Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Adore Radiohead

I still haven't heard Radiohead's new album. I'm so out of the loop that I don't even know when it will be sold in stores. I don't have a credit card to buy from iTunes and I like CDs anyway - great sound quality. I love this band so, so much and their other albums will tide me over. This is my favourite song, "Like Spinning Plates," from their Amnesiac (2001) album. It still haunts me every time I listen to it.

The looped synthesized music sounds backwards, as does the first chunk of vocals. I'm not sure how Radiohead achieved this eerie, atmpospheric effect. That scratching reminds me of a plate spinning, which, unlike the looped music, will stop and crash. There is so much pain and truth here.


  1. I haven’t heard their new one yet, either. Of course, I’ve also never heard “In Rainbows.”

    But I remember the feeling of the first time I heard “Exit Music (for a Film)” from “OK Computer.” Radiohead does eerie better than almost anyone, and definitely better than anyone at their level of success.

    But music isn’t produce: It doesn’t go bad if you leave it on the shelf for a while before you consume it. The newer Radiohead albums will still be there waiting when I get around to getting around…

  2. I haven't either. I love their music though :)

  3. Katy - In Rainbows is amazing!! Exit Music is too. It's eerie, but very emotional too, like most of their stuff. Yes, I'm not one for hype. I'll get to the new album when I get to it.

    Lynda - Yay!

  4. Radiohead is pretty cool. However, I am an old school believer in the sound of vinyl, and many artists are putting their work on vinyl as well as cd. Digital sound is based on sampling the original analog wavelength, and in general this works because the sampling takes place 1000s of times per second. However, for a short burst of sound, like a drum beat, for instance, digital cannot capture the full wavelength, and so there is some distortion. The distortion would only be perceptible by an audiophile, or a recording engineer. I am neither, which gets to my real reason for loving vinyl. I love to hold and look at the album cover. And I grew up with vinyl, and vinyl is groovy. Do you know how many grooves there are in a 45rpm record?


  5. Mythopolis - Thanks for this information. I have a good ear for depth and layer in music. It's just not the same with MP3s. The speakers or headphones make a big difference.