Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 Signs That Summer is Here

1. I have a sunburn.

2. I am more tempted than usual to walk around my house naked.

3. I'm ready to bring out the razors.

4. I actually crave ice cream.

5. I spend time outside.

6. I'm stickier than a Post-It note.

7. My heart's racing from the heat.

8. I'm reminiscing about my long-johns and down coat.

9. I'm thinking about classic summer hits such as "The Thong Song."

10. I want to get away from this computer.


  1. Oh! Also, 11. Picking ticks off my dog! 12. Swatting mosquitoes endlessly.

  2. bring out the razors?

    is this going to be a slasher movie?

  3. Laughed pretty hard at this. I agree!

  4. Mythopolis - 11. and 12. are good, but kind of break my excitement about summer! Thanks.

    Friko - Yes. FOR MY LEGS.

    Dom - Aw, I love to hear that! The truth is funny. Glad you agree! Thanks.

  5. "Let meee see that thoooooong." Great song. I'm ready to feel a little sunburn myself. Nothing crazy. Just a little.

  6. Enjoy your summer! It is sweltering here already!


  7. Jules - Please, sing that song in a Youtube video. Let's make "The Thong Song" popular for another summer.

    Jane - Thanks! Sweltering isn't cool.