Friday, June 10, 2011

Celebrating Community Health with Buffy Sainte Marie

I'm here at the international community health centre conference: Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow as the social media central help table/internet cafe supervisor. We have had a live Spout feed displaying on a large screen Tweets people have shared with the official conference Twitter hashtag: #CHC2011 This Spout feed and other efforts of the social media team has interested many attendees who had never used Twitter or didn't know much about it. Lots of people come to my table where I give them training on the basics of Twitter and inform them about the hashtags and usernames associated with the conference and community health centres in general.

I keep searching #CHC2011 on Twitter to check out the many Tweets that continue to pop up there, Tweeted by conference attendees and staff. I urge you check them out too.

The conference video team, seated in the table beside mine, have conducted interviews of conference attendees who are doing great things for community health, including winners of awards given by the Association of Ontario Health Centres, where I have recently my communications internship. (I have stayed on to help the Assocation put on the conference.) My grades are in and I am a graduate of the Corporate Communications and Public Relations Post-Grad certificate program at Centennial College!

And I celebrated completing my program and working at a successful conference when Buffy Sainte Marie performed at the conference last night! She was amazing!!!

Then my colleagues and I danced the night away. Oh, and we had a great four course meal too...

The conference ends tomorrow. Then I seek employment as a communications and public relations professional.


  1. Very cool! Hope you continue to have fun and make connections too!

  2. Thanks! It was good fun. So weird that it's over now!