Sunday, June 26, 2011

Intern, No More.

Check out my last post for my Communications intern blog for the Association of Ontario Health Centres! I interviewed the Community Health Promoter for Planned Parenthood Toronto about a workshop she was planning for the international community health centre conference in Toronto.


  1. hi- I just came over from Ivy Black, and had to agrree with your comment and say YES! lets bring hats RIGHT back into fashion!

    I lived in Toronto for a time as a teenager in the 70s, working as a nanny near the castle (apologies my memory is vague...age etc!).

    Before I left to come back home, as a pressie "to me" I bought the most wonderful burgundy leather shoulder bag at Bay Trading Co- I think it cost the equivalent of a weeks wages, and that along with a pair of Fry cowboy boots were my staple wear for ages! (of course with SOMETHING else on in-between!)

    Say hi to the city for me

  2. Ted and Bunny - Welcome to my blog! Hats are amazing, yes. They are worth the expense. ;) Thanks.