Friday, July 1, 2011

A Hairy Statement

I recently guest posted about the scandal of a woman's body hair at the blog the Tsaritsa sez. Check it out!

And just if you're curious, I shaved today -- not that it matters.

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  1. Not sure what to say, being a guy. But, something in me wants a 'shaved woman' and, it feels like a fetish of some kind. If you think about yourself as another creature in a seemingly uncaring world of nature, encapsulated by a seemingly endless and unattainable lager universe, our rituals are all self-absorbed fetishes. The things we want. It is quite insane. I just recently watched a Youtube of a little girl about 8 or 9(?) who seemed to have her own 'cosmetic' channel. She was offering tips of how to make up your girl face so your eyes looked bigger, and also wide-set. Frankly, I thought it quite frightening. We lay all these trips on one another, and then we die. Is this a way to live?