Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Piers Morgan Vs. Christine O'Donnell

Christine O'Donnell was just on Piers Morgan Tonight to promote her new book. Piers asked some straightforward questions about her stance on a number of gay rights issues. She skirted them ALL, claiming Piers's probing was irrelevant and that she should just talk about what she wanted to talk about -- as if that's how interviews work.

He said the questions he was asking were on subjects she actually addressed in the book (so highly relevant). She just wanted to talk about her book. He just wanted her to stop saying "It's in the book" and actually say what was in the book.

Piers also said that the gay rights issues he brought up were "contentious" and that his questions were valid and straight forward. Christine told him he was being rude and soon walked off the show.

I wasn't sure if I liked Piers, but now I know I do. He stood his ground and didn't let Christine try to avoid a topic: obviously she knew her responses to gay rights questions wouldn't go over well. I think her opinion is pretty clear...


  1. Why can't the media just do their job and promote what these sellers want to promote?

    I guess maybe she should have paid for ad time if she wanted that, but... darn media.

  2. I would liked to have seen that interview, if only to see her squirm...

  3. I'm English. I've never heard of the woman. I think I'm glad.

  4. I'm not crazy about Piers, but he does do a tough interview. Good on him for sticking it to O'Donnell and at least trying to hold her accountable for her words.

    Gosh, she's such an moron.

  5. Clarissa - Yes! Yay Piers. Glad he didn't back down and called her on her ridiculous behaviour.

    Katy - I know eh? I love that you use your trademark sarcasm in comments too. ;)

    Mythopolis - Oh, I'm sure the interview is up on Youtube! Piers talked about it tonight and interviewed people who analyzed her behaviour...

    Morning AJ - Ha ha! Yes. Be glad!

    theTsaritsa - Yes! Glad he didn't back down. I know eh? Wow.