Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Support of a Walking Cane

Today I tried out my new walking cane in public for the first time. It wasn't nearly as awkward or nerve wracking as I thought it would be. I think this is because I needed it. I still lost my balance a bunch of times of course, but with the cane it was less of a strain.

I bought the cane last week. During my annual check-up with my neurosurgeon, he told me to consider that the worsened symptoms of my Dandy Walker Syndrome may never improve. I wasn't devastated. I had suspected this for over two years.

I'm okay with it. After all, my balance problems, leg fatigue and poor stamina are all only intermittent. The beauty of my folding cane is that I can tuck it away in my bag when I no longer feel I need it, or bring it out when my symptoms show up.

My neck disc condition, flat arches and a recurred pelvis problem are all hurting me today as well, but I'm happy.

For those of you who walk with a cane, how did you feel when you first used it?


  1. I was mortified when first I used my cane. Even just buying it at the pharmacy, I was burning red. I was 16 at the time, and looked around 12-13, so I think that being so young made it worse for me. I thought everyone was looking at me. Walking into a coffeeshop, people would give me weird looks. Crossing the street, a little boy in a car stared at me... It was awkward and uncomfortable - and I was horrible at walking with my cane.

    I still don't use my cane much, but i've gotten better at realizing people probably arent staring at me. And better at walking with it as well - I rarely ever smush my feet with it now :P

  2. I think you may have read my post about how I felt the first time with my cane, but lets just say I was not impressed. Now days though its just part of the picture. I really couldn't go out without it but at least don't need it around the house yet. i don't know if I'll ever stop rallying against the changes my body is forcing on me, but I do think like everything it becomes white noise after a while and it has made aspects of my life easier.

  3. Consider it a fashionable accessory! My sister uses one and she got one with a leopard skin print on it!!

    While I don't need a cane for health issues, I do have several favorite walking sticks for when I am out hiking, and so on. I like the idea of a folding or telescoping one, though. That would be quite handy in my back pack!

  4. Elo - Welcome to my blog! I'm sorry you went through staring and whatnot. Yes, I think sometimes when we're overly preoccupied with how others may think, we notice reactions that aren't really there. It sounds like it's gotten easier for you to use the cane -- I hope that it has and that your disability is manageable. Thanks for sharing.

    Rusty Hoe - I think I did read and comment on that post! My thinking is that it will get easier once I start feeling the benefits of the cane. Thanks. You're always so honest and helpful.

    Mythopolis - Yes! My cane isn't fancy, but it is beautiful. I adore accessories and I see the cane as another one! The folded cane in bag is handy AND light!