Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wayne Gretzky: Narcissist?

I had dinner at Wayne Gretzky's restaurant tonight. I walked through a hall filled with his hockey memorabilia and into the washroom where I heard part of his biography as I peed.

I want to be famous and have my own restaurant some day.


  1. Oh this is just too funny. I couldn't help but think of Gretzke coming to your restaurant and having to go to the bathroom!

  2. Wayne who? :)

    Wonderful post and I think, Wayne was an is still a hero. But his biography in the washroom is a little too much...LOL

    Have a great week

  3. Your blog post tickled me today!
    Wonder if Wayne G will stop by and say hi when you're rich and famous?

  4. Ha ha thanks John and Regina! That was my goal!

    Mythopolis - Wow. That would be amazing. I wonder how it feels to walk through your own restaurant/tribute to your life.

    Thorsten - Yeah, I don't think anyone is heroic enough to warrant playing their biography in the washroom... Thanks!

    Mary - Aw, I'm glad! I hope Wayne will, but maybe not if he reads this post!!!