Saturday, October 1, 2011

Linking Your Facebook Page to your Twitter Profile?

After some deliberating, I unlinked the Beyond Passing Time Facebook Page from @cartooninperson, my Twitter profile.

When you have a Facebook Page, it gives you the option to have Facebook automatically Tweet immediately whatever you, the Page administrator, post to the Page Wall, including a link to the URL you link to in the Wall. Twitter provides the same option, to automatically, immediately have your Tweets published on your Facebook profile, but not your Page.

What is the value in sharing to both information to both your Twitter profile and your Facebook Page?

1. Many more people use Facebook than Twitter. Using both brings can help you reach both audiences.

2. Unless people visit your Twitter home page, they will likely only see your Tweet if it shows up live in your feed. Having the message on Facebook too will maximize the potential that people who follow both your Twitter and Facebook will see your message through at least one of those channels.

3. It can keep your branding consistent.

It's good to maintain your brand on all platforms by using similar messaging. This will help prevent confusing your audience and will help you keep your social media strategy on track. It can be hard to come up with creative writing for both your Twitter and Facebook that will maintain your strategy. In other words, putting up the same posts and links, published at the same time, will help you avoid confusing your strategy. It's just plain easier.

Why might it not be a good idea?

1. If people are following you on both Twitter and Facebook, they may Unfollow you or Unlike your Page because they don't see the need to get the same message twice, or maybe they even get annoyed if they see it twice.

2. Your Facebook Page followers may be more likely to see your Wall post on their feed and open the link during the morning, but your Twitter Followers may be more more likely to see it in their feed during the evening. You can keep track of these trends by looking your traffic statistics, Retweets, Post Likes, etc.

3. You like to write longer messages on your Wall than Twitter's character limit will allow. When Tweeted, part of these messages will be cut off.

4. Facebook and Twitter engage their users in different ways.

Twitter has different tools from Facebook to help you connect with other Twitter users. If you Tweet your message manually, you can @mention people and include hashtags. Facebook gives you the option to post questions. On Twitter, you can join a Twitter Chat or Twitter party by using the hashtag associated with it.

5. You'll miss an opportunity to be creative. Using the same strategy, write different things for your Twitter than for your Facebook to go with the same link you share in both posts.

Give people a reason to Follow you on Twitter AND Like your Facebook!

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  1. yep, i haven't linked my FB & Twitter either for those reasons.