Sunday, October 2, 2011

National Post Ad Perpetuates Ignorance

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An ad published in The National Post from the Institute for Canadian Values saying "no" to transgender sex-ed for children has caused a big controversy. The ad is a reaction to a document that outlines a plan for a new sex-ed curriculum in Ontario classrooms.

Some conservative defence of the ad suggests that our Liberal    provincial government and people from the LGBT community is trying to, in the words of a Pastor speaking on SunTV about this, "brainwash" children.

People of the LGBT community (and most educated people) will tell you that you can't choose your orientation. So the implication that this community is conspiring to make children gay is ridiculous.

Also, this suggestion that children can be taught to have a certain sexual orientation is archaic and ludicrous. It reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons during which Homer, fearing Bart is gay, tries to make him heterosexual by exposing him to images of sexy women and getting him to do "manly" things like hunt.

Do people think that you can actually socialize a child's sexual orientation? If I'm not mistaken, that's been a hetero-normative paradigm for decades, centuries or longer, not a "gay agenda."

The National Post has apologized for the ad.


  1. Well I am in agreement with you. And actually having raised four children I can assure you they can and will see around any effort to keep them from knowing what the world is like. Perhaps, it is even like an instinctual survival characteristic of any species to understand its environment.

  2. I agree, too. Children talk to each other, they watch soaps, they hear the news on television and radio.

    My argument is with schools being forced to include too much in the curriculum (in early years schooling from 4 - 11) to the detriment of thorough teaching of the core subjects.

  3. It seems so foolish that you wonder how they can keep saying this.