Sunday, October 9, 2011

Surprise! A Feist Concert.

I bought Feist's new album Metals on Wednesday night. I opened the packaging on the subway on my way home and found a ticket to a Feist concert inside:

Feist Presents Metals at CBC


I didn't think it was valid. I figured it was some sort of ploy to get me to actually BUY a ticket, if I could. But then, I thought about it.

It looks legit. It says "Admit 1" and underneath is a barcode. Plus, Feist wouldn't deceive me. And OMG today is the last day to RSVP and it's almost 11 pm! It would be so cool if this was real. That Feist concert I saw a few years ago was the best concert I'd ever seen and what if this venue is super small and intimate and wow this ticket is free.

When I got home, I went straight to my computer and emailed my RSVP to Arts and Crafts, Feist's record label (and asked if it was real) and after some internet research, figured out what this ticket was about: Feist's official Facebook Page described a Feist concert, tickets to which could only be won. And one of the ways to win was to get one of the tickets randomly placed in Metals albums at Sonic Boom, a Toronto music store where I bought it.

Moments after I learned this, Arts and Crafts responded to my RSVP, said it was real and asked me for more ticket info.

It IS real! Man!

Well, tonight I went to the show. The venue, the Glenn Gould Studio, was really a small auditorium with only about 300 seats -- and the ticket I got at the Studio was for row D! But I had time to kill before the doors open, so I bought a glass of wine and then phoned my family to update them on my great seat and see how their Thanksgiving dinner was. Yes. I missed Thanksgiving dinner for Feist. But we'll have it leftovers tomorrow with the good china. 

Feist was great, of course. I won't say much to say about the music because I don't believe in reviewing music. And it's one of the few things I can describe -- well, I don't think anyone can. Okay, I'll try.

Feist's voice could melt butter -- yes, even live. I enjoyed her guitar thrashing. Most of the songs in her set were from Metals, which is a great album, by the way. I'm listening to it now for the third time since I bought it.

She also played a few songs from her previous albums. My favourite of these was her complete redo of "Mushaboom," which was not the sweeping romp on the album "Let it Die" and in footage I've seen of her performing it.

I also enjoyed her duets with her special guests who she hugged, exchanged glances, whispers and smiles with. They included Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste. Feist seems to be friends with everyone she performs with. I love how she harmonizes -- somehow she never overpowers the other singers. 

I love Feist. This makes up for not getting a ticket to her next show in Toronto in November.

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