Saturday, October 15, 2011

Text Messages: What's the point?

A recent study found that cell phone users between 18 and 24 years of age exchanged 109.5 text messages per day! 

I wonder how many "OMG"s and "LOL"s are texted.

I wonder how many repetitive strain injuries have developed.

I just text occasionally if I'm looking for someone, or contacting someone whose cell number is long distance. But 109.5/day? Yeesh. 

Okay, frequent texters, please tell me: what the heck are you saying in these texts and why you send so many of them?


  1. I not a super texter like that and yet, I am texting much more than I thought I would! My children tell me to text and not leave a voice mail. Apparently that one or so minute of talking to them is just too much.

  2. I'm guilty of this. Mike and I text all day long while he's at work... just sweet, flirty things like, "I miss you," and, "Can't wait to be in your arms." I also text when I'm trying to meet up with someone and will text everything from, "Wanna hang out?" to, "Where do you want to get dinner?" I text Facebook. I text my mom. I text random people when I think of them. "Hey, Erin, the peaches song just played on the radio and I thought of you." I do, however, get really annoyed at one word or three letter texts and I cannot STAND smart phones and their ability to send pages of text at once. If I have anything long to say, I'll just call. Then again, I'm just chatty in general.

  3. Do text occasionally ..(outside the survey group!)but must confess nothing beats a telephone call!

  4. I think texting allows you to talk with multiple people at once, kind of like Instant messaging. I just think with all the texting, I'ming, video calls, it may deter folks from the natural face to face approach sometimes.

    Although texting and communicating from a distance does allow you to say things to, and about, people you may be timid to say in that particular person's face.

  5. I text when I'm at work because I can't talk on the phone. I also text if someone doesn't answer their phone instead of leaving a voice mail (if it's even set up) because going through voice mail menus, listening to and deleting voice mail messages are a pain the rear.

    I also text reminders to myself and other people. A lot of the time I'll also text before I call someone to see if it's okay to call because sometimes receiving a phone call is inconvenient (restaurant/work/school/driving). If they want to talk they will call me back or I'll call them.

    Also if I know someone doesn't have voice mail I'll text instead of just calling, because sometimes a missed call can cause alarm in certain situations. In a text you can explain that it's nothing important that can't wait until they aren't busy.

    And sometimes I just really need to communicate something with someone, but I'm feeling tired and cranky and just don't want to talk to someone, so I'll send a text. Or if signal is really bad (one of my friends lives in a dead zone so she can text but not talk - no land line) sending a text is easier. Or if there is too much background noise. Or someone talks too quiet (I'm hard of hearing) or too loud, etc.

    Dunno. I find using text messages to be very convenient. :)

  6. Bossy Betty - Your children don't want to avoid talking to you. They just want you to be cool, Mom!

    Dom - That's cute in a way, I think. But I'm unromantic and heartless, so I still don't quite think I'd like that.

    Mary - I love getting phone calls! And it's nice to phone other people too, but I can understand the anxiety around it, the fear of interrupting something, etc.

    Sir Lancealot - Yes, I think texting allows people to avoid the anxiety of talking on the phone or asking someone something in person. I bet that's part of its appeal.

    Achieve1Dream - You are a sensible texter. See, that stuff doesn't bug me so much -- and I'm sure this stuff doesn't require you to send over 100 in a day.