Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where to Find Size 5 Shoes!

Shopping for shoes can be a real challenge, especially for women whose shoe size is 5. (That's me!)

During two days of browsing stores and bugging sales people, I found some stores that carry 5. I'd hug these stores if I could, because the lowest size most carry is 6. Discrimination, I tell you!
Here is a list of major Canadian retailers that sell 5 and for some stores, some of the brands that make them. Before you try to hug these stores electronically, I must stress that even the ones that do carry 5 have a very limited selection of models in that size, and an even smaller selection in stock.

1. Aldo
2. The Bay - Clarks, Jessica
3. Locale
4. Le Chateau
5. Naturalizer
6. Soft Moc - Hush Puppies

Believe it or not, finding size 5 shoes I liked that fit me wasn't my biggest feat: it was a huge feat to find ones that had small enough back-parts (the technical term) and wide enough toe-parts. I wasn't totally successful. The two pairs I bought need stretching, insoles and the sticker pads for the back-parts. As I type this, I'm trying to break in the Naturalizers I bought for two weddings and realizing that I am not a masochist after all. Ow. Well, at least I can't fit a whole finger in the back of each of them, though. My heels not sliding out was the major selling point. Pretty, eh?

Naturalizer Black Shiny Brazen
And this is the other shoe I bought for work. This doesn't mean I will retire my New Balance running shoes, though; I just don't have to wear them with dress pants anymore. I'm actually a size 6.5 in running shoes because of the padding and arches in them.

Hushpuppies Abelia

November 11 Note: I recently went to a New Balance store and was measured... My 6.5 New Balance shoes were "way too big" and I tried on some size 5 shoes. A closer match, but not good enough. My search continues...

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  1. This is not a problem for me, but I do know one or two other people who can't find shoes in their small size, so I'm sure they appreciate this.
    Also, cute shoes!