Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mr. Bean is Sexy

When people ask me what kind of guy is my type, I usually say I don't have one. But actually... I do. It's Mr. Bean.

Here is why:

1. He makes boring situations creative and fun.

In this, my favourite scene in his Christmas episode, Mr. Bean entertains himself in a department store after doing his Christmas shopping by putting on a play with a Nativity Scene. And a set of toy marching soldiers. And some sheep. And a dinosaur. And a moving truck. And a dollhouse.

2. He boldly fights for what is right.

After attending a school open house, Mr. Bean realizes someone has taken his pants and he goes on a quest to get them back.

3. He's good with children.

Honestly, if I was 10 and sick on a plane, his antics to help me feel better would definitely work. Hey, it would work on me now and I'm 25. Evolution has attracted me to good father figures.

4. He never knows what he's getting himself into.

I love a man who dives right into adventure without senselessly worrying first.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to take a cold shower.


  1. Mr. Bean is pretty awesome, plus he has that sexy mole :)

  2. Rowan Atkinson is so much sexier when he's not playing the idiot. (But I'm a geek chick and I love my men super-intelligent.)

  3. The Tsaritsa - Ha! I'm indifferent to the mole. Now his hair cut... Whoa.

    Morning AJ - Rowan Atkinson is sexy as Mr. Bean! Ha ha. But he's sexy in other roles too for sure. I'd actually really like to see Rowan in a dramatic role. He's so intelligent and emotionally mature.

  4. Hi Ashley,
    Do you know the title of that tune played when Mr.Bean is looking for his stolen pants?