Monday, December 19, 2011

So Long, Broken Social Scene!

After over a year of rumours, groundbreaking Toronto experimental-pop band Broken Social Scene is officially breaking up -- but maybe not permanently.

Being a huge fan of this band's free spirited, atmospheric style, I decided to write a tribute/thank you post for all the great songs they've brought to my life.

Thank you for, in order of their release:

Album:  Feel Good Lost 

I Slept With Bonhomme on the CBC for making me feel like I'm falling asleep in a music box.

Guilty Cubicles for making me feel like I'm floating.

Album:  You Forgot it in People:

Lover's Spit for making me want to make out with -- well, anything.

Shampoo Suicide and Pacific Theme for reminding me of the beach in Hawaii. 

Album:  Broken Social Scene 

Our Faces Split the Coast in Half for making me fall in love with brass again.

Bandwitch for helping me wake my dad up (accidentally...) as I sang the infectious "Oooh oooh oooh wah oooh waooohwahooh."

It's All Gonna Break for being the biggest celebration of music and life that I've ever heard.

Album:  Forgiveness Rock Record 

World Sick for exemplifying my love for a good pair of headphones.

Chase Scene and Forced to Love for bringing energy and fun to a difficult time.

And there's so many more ... Thanks for everything, Broken Social Scene! We'll always have your music.

You can find all these albums and more with samples in the Broken Social Scene store.

By the way, unfortunately I've never seen Broken Social Scene live. They always had Toronto shows in standing room only venues and I often have difficulty standing for long periods. I did see Feist, a member of BSS, recently in an intimate show and she was AMAZING!


  1. "You Forgot It In People" will always be among my favorites from any band. It's one that I often forget just how much I love until I randomly listen to just about any track and I'm like, "OH MY GOD I JUST LOVE ALL OF THIS SO MUCH," and I go on a BSS binge.

    Sad when good bands break up, but they've given us an awful lot of amazing music <3

  2. Oh, You Forgot it in People is one of mine too! It has touched so many. They have given us so much great music. Thanks for sharing your passion for BSS.

  3. I've never heard of them, but sorry they are breaking up. It's always sad when bands do that.

    In response to your comment on my blog, I do use a salt water nasal rinse several times a day and I take Zyrtec. They help, but can't get rid of it completely. Next step would be allergy shots, but I'm avoiding that as long as possible. I've been dealing with this my entire life, every year, so I'm not worried about it. Just have to deal. Thank you for your comment and concern.

  4. Achieve -- Yes, it IS sad, but I'll always have their music and the new music projects the members do.

    Sorry those remedies aren't helping you. I take allergy shots all year round. Have been for 7 years now. I'm supposed to go every week, but I don't. It's no big deal and it could really help you!