Sunday, January 15, 2012

My 200th Post!

I planned to write this a bunch of times, then each time realized that I had drafts Blogger was counting as posts. But this is the real deal. 200! I could cry, but I think I'll just write a retrospective post on my favourite posts so far. Why are these my favourites? I am particularly proud of my writing in these and enjoyed the rich discussion in comments.

So here they are, in chronological order from earliest to latest:

My discussion with Kate Schapira, a wonderful author and poet, about perceptions of health and attitudes about health and how they related to her chapbook of poetry "Case Fbdy": Part 1 Part 2

Lets Be Realistic - My public announcement that, due to the challenges of an ongoing illness, I was going to defer the second and final semester of my public relations post-graduate college program.

Telephone - My script about a telemarketer trying to sell illness to me.

To Dance Wearing Pants - My story about a night out dancing and the classic consequences of this for women on the dance floor.

Impact - I watched a bird die.

More Evidence That Christmas Music is Depressing - I pondered the ridiculousness of a Christmas carol and rewrote it.

Not the Brightest Animals - My review of a hilarious David Sedaris book.

Girls Should Just Settle Down. Period - My critical viewing of a Disney educational film about menstruation -- from 1946! (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Has Black Swan Influenced Perceptions of Ballet? - My review of the film Black Swan and discussion of its public relations impact on ballet.

Sensationalizing Disability and Difference - I tried to figure out why TLC shows resemble freak show titles.

Beauty Narrowly Defined - An analysis of the cosmetics market's strategy to make women feel ugly and old, and to pose the supposed consequences of these.

Dear Diary - I explored motivations for writing life writing and shared some of my favourite works.

Christie Blatchford on Jack Layton's Death: Really a Spectacle - My reaction to a columnist's claims about the public grief of a popular politician.

An Ecologist's Struggle with Cancer - I reflected on a book about cancer and the environment and share a preview of a film based on it.

Wayne Gretzky: Narcissist? - My shortest post ever, a description Wayne Gretzky's restaurant.

National Post Ad Perpetuates Ignorance - I addressed suggestions that gays are trying to make straight people gay.

Don't Blame it on the School Balls - My personal response to a ban of ball playing on a school's property.

Why I Hate Movember - I discussed the ridiculousness of this campaign and why it hurts the cause.

Mr. Bean is Sexy - Need I say more?


  1. Congratulations!

    I've been wanting to do a blog post like this one. This gives folks a great place to start familiarizing themselves with your blog.

    I'm only at #51 in my current digs, though, so I can wait a while to do one of my own, I guess...

  2. Congrats on 200 posts!!! I'll have to go read some of these articles I haven't seen before. :D