Thursday, March 1, 2012

Asthma Halts. Hilarity Ensues.

I'm back! I was out of blogging commission -- well, personal blogging commission -- for a while because of a nasty three week-long asthma flare. I wasn't so unwell that I couldn't write. I was actually pretty active, but decided to save my energy for other things. As most bloggers probably experience, I seldom get significant traffic unless I optimize my posts for search engines before publishing and promote the heck out of them. That, and writing itself, is a lot of work. It just wasn't on my priority list.

Since I've been able to laugh again, I've been watching funny videos. Here were some real lung testers:

In this video, Batman enjoys a night out in Toronto. He doesn't handle being conspicuous very well.

In this video, a koala air guitars and head bangs to some heavy metal music. I love puppets. And puppeteers.

It feels good to be back!


  1. I'll have to come back and watch these videos. Husband is watching a movie and I don't know where my headphones are.

    Sorry I haven't been by in a while! I know comments are part of what makes blogging worth it and I try to comment as much as possible, but you know how life gets in the way sometimes lol. :)

    Glad the asthma is improving a bit!

  2. I came back to watch the videos and now I'm the one who can't breathe from laughing so hard!! Those are fantastic!!!

  3. Achieve - Sorry I didn't respond to your first comment on this post! You kept your word. Haha. I'm glad you enjoyed them so much. I've watched them so many times and each time, my sides split.