Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Employers Ask For Facebook Login. I Blow a Gasket.

I recently read in the news that it has become trendy in the U.S. for employers to ask for your Facebook username and password when they hire you.

I'm sorry. I have no polite words.

This is fucked up.

If an employer asked me for my login information during an interview, or in one of the forms, I would rip it up in front of the employer and tell him or her that I would never work for an employer who treats employees like shit. Well, I might not say shit. But I might as well. The word is appropriate.

Fortunately, I have that luxury. I can look for a job elsewhere. A lot of people can't afford to pass up job opportunities or are unable to find another one that meets their needs. Maybe these privacy snatching employers are counting on these people for these jobs. Or maybe they're just too immoral and possessive to understand how fucked up it is to ask for an employee's Facebook login.

Why are these companies so obsessed with monitoring their employees? If they are trying to avoid or limit slanderous activity, jerking around with their employees' privacy probably isn't the best place to start.


  1. How ridiculous! It's like asking how many people you sleep with or what you spend your money on. I'd simply say I didn't have a Facebook account and leave it at that!

  2. Less and less privacy in this country. It's sick. I heard this story and it made my blood boil.

  3. jabblog - I agree that asking for your Facebook password is that invasive. I don't think they should have the right to know if you actually even have a Facebook account.

    Dom - I agree that the deprivation of privacy has become a trend in the United States. I wonder how far it will boil. I'm glad that so many are as angry about this as I am.