Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bottled Water: Meet Your Opponents

This weekend I visited the Water Brothers exhibit at the Green Living Show and learned about how these guys use their television documentary series of the same name to raise awareness about water issues.

When I got home, I watched my first episode: Watergate. In it, the Brothers dispel myths that bottled water is safer and tastier than Canadian tap water. They also explain how the extraction of water and the packaging and disposal of water bottles are hurting the environment.

Sorry. Episode only available in Canada

But, like every great awareness campaign, the Water Brothers also give agency to the public by offering them solutions. They launched the Quench app that shows where you can find active water fountains and other free tap water sources in Canada. The Brothers' social media staffer showed me how it works at the Green Living Show! Very cool and yet another reason for me to get a smart phone (although Quench is accessible by home computer too).

At the Brothers' exhibit I also got a free Bobble water bottle. It's super light, stylish and it has a built-in replaceable filter. Cheers!


  1. In addition to being better for the environment, not buying bottled water saves you a LOT of money.
    I use a water filter at home and try to remember to bring a bottle of water with me everywhere.

  2. Last comment from Linda P, not "unknown". I thought I signed in through Google. Sigh...