Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Love Downton Abbey

I am very interested in what attracts me to art, be it songs, television shows, movies, books, paintings.

My latest obsession is Downton Abbey and I think it's because that time period and its social implications fascinates me. This is all told with beautiful storytelling, music, costumes and sets.

Downton Abbey is a television drama about the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants from 1912 until the 1910s. (The third season, coming this fall, will take place in the 1920s!)

We see big social changes take place through the experiences of the characters:

  • The middle daughter, Lady Edith, learns to drive a car.

  • The youngest daughter, Lady Sybil, becomes a nurse during World War II and becomes romantically involved with the family's chauffeur.

  • The eldest daughter, Lady Mary, becomes less of a bitch -- even a nice person -- as she and women in general are given more freedom as time goes on. I don't doubt her for being bitter. She can't inherit Downton because she is a woman. She has also been pressured to marry her cousin who will, but it works out because they fall in love and are super amazing together. Who knew I would ever root for inbreeding.

We also see fun changes in technology:

Downton gets its first telephone and gramophone (early record player). The upper class ladies' clothing become looser and more practical as time wears on. Early in the series, progressive Lady Sybil stopped hearts when she entered the room wearing pants. My goodness!

The show is also very well written and often very funny. The incomparable Maggie Smith often steals the show when she delivers hilarious one-liners as Lord Crawley's mother Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham. I just love her!

Why do you love Downton?


  1. I've seen the show a few times, and it's well done, but not my cup of tea, although my wife is very much into it. This follows our mutual interest in The Tudors. Are you a fan of that also?

  2. Totally obsessed with this show. Watched all of the first season on Netflix and just finished the second season on Amazon. We're about to start Merlin on BBC America. I hear thats a good one too.

  3. Richard - Sorry! I admit, I forgot to respond. I've actually never seen The Tudors. I think I was drawn to Downton because I'm obsessed with that time period.

    Denise - I finished the second season of Downton too! No idea what to do with myself until the third season comes out. Okay, I'm exaggerating. Merlin, eh? I'll look it up!