Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why I Probably Won't Stop at Your Makeup Counter

1. You tell me my skin is oily and needs your treatment.

2. You pressure me to buy things I've told you I can't afford and don't want.

3. You tell me something is a bargain when it really isn't.

4. Your counter makes my nose itch.

5. I can't support an industry whose main marketing tactic is to make women feel self conscious.

I also have trouble watching the show "What Not to Wear" and fashion segments on talk shows now for similar reasons, even though I usually love the clothes. The fashion experts on these shows say their advice is all about enhancing your best features, but I think it's the opposite.

They tell women it's a fashion don't for short women to wear pants that make them look short or don't create the illusion of longer legs. To be fashionable, my objective must be to look taller?

They tell women it's a fashion do to conceal your blemishes and even out your skin tone, for a "natural" look. To be fashionable, I must acknowledge that I am imperfect, strive to correct myself and trick people into thinking that I look that way naturally?

Well, I have news for you. I like being short. I'm comfortable with my pimples and I hate cover up. I won't spend my money on your stuff unless you show interest in helping me look how I want to look. I'd like you to tell me how to play up my eyes and which shade of lipstick would suit me, but if you tell me what I shouldn't wear because I have too much fat above my eyelids, or if you tell me how to hide my pimples without my having asked you to, I will leave your counter.

Despite my aversion to your standard beauty advice, I think I'm pretty fashionable. And beautiful too. Just the way I am -- the real "natural." So try a different tactic or leave me alone.


  1. At least they still stop you and try to sell you something. The locals in my store near work don't even bother with me (I guess they think I'm beyond saving)

    You are beautiful. I've seen your photos. Don't worry about playing up your eyes when you have such a great smile!

  2. This was a great one!

    I was reading the beginning of this post in Google Reader, and there was an ad right after the jump.

    It said, "55/YO Mom Looks 35. Mom Reveals Shocking Trick for Erasing Wrinkles!"

    I thought it was a remarkable contrast to the content of your post!

    I've never had much in common with standard of notions of fashion or beauty. Now that I'm "all grown up," I'm happy with that.

  3. @Morning AJ - That's the thing about how they work. They are offensive even if they don't stop us. Maybe you look so secure that they know they can't bring you down to sell you stuff? Thanks very much for your beautiful compliment! I love your new picture by the way.

    @Katy Aw thanks! Google Ads are ridiculous. I remember when I had Adwords in the very early stage of my blog and the Ads usually totally contradicted my content. What's the point????! You do seem very secure and you're very strong, so I'm not surprised that you are not confined by socially constructed perceptions of beauty. Good for you!