Sunday, September 9, 2012


My world is crashing around me. This week I found out that strawberry kiwi Jell-O, my favourite flavour, was discontinued. And this week I found out that Twinkies may be too. This is a travesty. What's next? Bacon? My word.

Sorry. I'll have a real blog post soon. I took a break from writing here because of some issues with my neck and arms. Scar tissue by my shunt, the tube that runs from my brain, through my neck and to my belly. Degenerated disks in my neck compressing nerves. RAAAAWR. I restricted my computer use mostly to my freelancing and job hunting. The long break gave me blog writer's block. Research block. I know! Who thought that would ever happen? Ashley is not criticizing or raving about anything. I need to flex my critical viewing muscles, so I can find a bigger social issue to address than the potential discontinuation of Twinkies.

I've been feeling pretty good, so watch out. Truthfully, I just avoided coming here because my bad pain made it too tempting to swear on my blog. Kidding.


  1. Taking breaks is a good thing.

    I need to sometime.

    Internet addiction is a bad thing, and I think it's pretty clear I have it.

    I wish your reason for taking the break were better, but glad you're back up and going...

  2. I don't think it's clear you have an internet addiction, Katy! You are way too wordly and socially conscious to be addicted to the internet. Thank you for your support!!