Monday, February 25, 2013

Having Trouble Handwriting? Get a Grip!

If you suffer from hand fatigue, pain or fine motor skill issues while you write or you have an awkward grip, I highly recommend triangle pen/pencil grips. I have had all of these issues with writing, albeit fairly mildly, ever since I learned to write. It can be upsetting when your mind has ideas, saying "Yes!" but your hand says, "No," or "I'd rather not." (Yes my hand can talk.) 

I recently bought these triangle pen grips to help. They provide me with handwriting comfort and control. I adjust the placement of the grip based on how much control I need, plus, I find the silicone in this brand much more comfortable than the material used in other triangle grips. I do wish these grips were longer, though. It would be better if the grip was as long as my hand grip.

I'd used triangle grips for years when I was a kid, but stopped for some reason. As I grew up I wanted to do things without help and I didn't even like the idea of needing or taking help. How silly is that? They're just grips!

I also used soft pencil grips, which I didn't find aided an awkward hand grip or assisted fine motor control issues, but the cushioning can ease discomfort, pressure and fatigue. These are ideal for someone who is prone to finger callouses. 
Charles Leonard Inc. Soft Cushioned Pencil Grips
Pens themselves can really assist with handwriting issues. I have fallen in love with Dr. Grip again! It's not just a great writing aid; it's beautiful!
Dr. Grip

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