Thursday, March 6, 2014

Letter Writing Campaigns Work

I am thrilled to announce that Jabeur Mejri, the man I wrote about last year who was imprisoned in Tunisia for criticizing Islam on Facebook, has been released!

Thousands of Amnesty International members (including me) wrote to the Tunisian government demanding his release as part of the 2013 Write for Rights, Amnesty's huge international human rights letter writing campaign.

You can read more about Jabeur's story and release on Amnesty International's website.

Here is my post about Write for Rights, in which I shared the letter I wrote on Jabeur's behalf for the campaign.

If you know something is wrong, stand up. We can make a difference, especially when we stand together.


  1. Hey, some good news in the world for a change.

    Looks like people made a difference, maybe...

  2. Katy - Yes, it is refreshing to get good news. It's amazing what we can accomplish when many people work toward the same goal.

  3. i was drawn to this as i visited. a really great read!! making a difference, good for you, good for eveyone!!

  4. Debbie - Thank you! That's great feedback. I love the mutual benefit of these causes and the empowerment -- my goodness!

  5. Why are people so easily offended? And so what if you are offended?