Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kira May: Vocal Looper and "Choir of One"

Kira May | Photo Credit: Jason Cee
My friend Kira May is an experimental pop artist.

She uses her voice and breath as her own choir and band, performing most parts of her songs live at her shows.

Kira accomplishes this complex task by recording and looping the many layers of her songs one by one, playing and stopping many of them independently throughout her songs to create the structural changes of music.

In some performances, another musician or two accompany her and she loops in a bit of pre-recorded material in some songs.

Each of her vocal layers is identifiably human-made and, combined, create a deep, hypnotic atmosphere. The effects she records with some parts add to an ethereal quality in her music. Her debut ep Health, released earlier this year, is a quintessential headphone album.

Kira explores the human body in Health not only as a physical vessel of performance, but as the ultimate truth-teller of human emotion and experience. Her lyrics are as raw and ambitious as her performance.

Enjoy these stunning performances of "Never Broke A Bone" and "Visions," two of the five songs on Health.


  1. it's just wonderful to be touched so by someone's music....sounds like a special artist!!

    it was nice to see you today. have a fun weekend!!

  2. Debbie - Thank you! "Touched" is the word. Kira also gives great hugs.

    Great to see you again, too! It sure has been a while. Take care.

  3. Ever listen to Mike Tompkins on youtube?

  4. Matt - Never heard of him, but I will check him out when I get more bandwidth. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Why do you ask?

  5. Kira deserves an A+ for originality! It's interesting how she loops all of the layers together in each song. Best of luck to Kira in the contest. She is very lucky to have such a supportive friend!


  6. Empty Nest (Julie) - She'll be pleased with that grade! Sometimes I watch her adjust her pedals and try to figure out what she's doing. It's my pleasure to support projects and people I love -- in this case both. Thank you!

  7. I've heard this done live once and it's amazing!

  8. Vicki - Thank you! It really is. Everything is so perfectly timed and there are so many layers to manipulate. It's remarkable!

  9. gosh, she's good! I love the intro! Thanks for sharing this. The blending of the voices and her vocals were fascinating! Love it, Ashley! :)

  10. Len - You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed Kira. I love the intro, too. It's nice to see magic in preparation.

  11. Can you imagine a life without music? I'm all for raw lyrics. There's enough pretence in this world already.

    Hi, I'm a friend of Lynda's. I just had to stop by.

  12. Hello Blue! I actually can't imagine a life without music. Yep, raw is the way to go. Thanks for stopping by!