Friday, September 12, 2014

In the News

In jest, a high school student petitioned his school to use a portrait of him with his cat as his school portrait in the yearbook. The school rejected the petition, stating that the photo could be included in another section. Too bad. He would have had more luck if he had opted for something like this.

Bathroom Selfie
My obligatory washroom selfie

I just found out that Lassie is coming back! She's making a number of appearances to generate buzz for merchandising. I think it's adorable PR genius and, naturally, I want to tap into it. The title of that article gave me an idea. I just need a well and some glycerin tear drops. Anyone? I promise I'll blog about it.

Burger King Japan is releasing a black burger in a week. A previous release was popular, largely, it seems, because the ingredients added to make it black made for a very appetizing burger. And here I assumed it would taste the same and just become popular because of how it looked. Where did I ever get an idea like that?

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